Manual: Delete duplicate files from macOS

Delete duplicate files from your Mac, iTunes in particular is responsible for this. If you import music files into iTunes, it is common for these files to be found in multiple places. However, other software also causes duplicates.

By it clean up your Mac can save your Mac a considerable amount of disk space. It is therefore advisable to check your macOS system once duplicate files, you’ll be amazed at how much space you can save.

Manual: Delete duplicate files from macOS

Useful software to clean your Mac by deleting duplicate files is Gemini from MacPaw. This software is specifically designed to find old & duplicate files on your Mac and delete them where necessary (after checking). Gemini 2 does not clear everything right away, a check must first be made by the user, which is so convenient!

Gemini for Mac

Download Gemini for Mac OS.

After you download Gemini for Mac, we’ll install Gemini. To do this, follow our instructions.

install gemini mac os

Drag Gemini to your Mac’s Applications folder. Then open Gemini from the Applications folder.

open gemini mac

Select Gemini from the list of applications.

gemini home directory scan mac

You have now opened Gemini on your Mac. Click the plus button, and select Home Folder, then click the Select button.

delete gemini mac os duplicates

You can now start searching for duplicate files on your Mac. Click on Look for duplicates to start the search.

find gemini 2 duplicates on your mac

If Gemini asks you to track your iTunes library for duplicates, select Open to track iTunes for duplicates. This may allow you to delete a bunch of duplicate files. Gemini now continues its search, which takes a maximum of 1 minute.

gemini duplicates found mac os

When the scan is complete, you will see a window with the amount of gigabytes or megabytes of files identified as duplicates. Click on view results to see which files these are exactly. After checking, click on Smart cleanup about the double delete files.

delete gemini duplicate files from your smart clean mac

You have now successfully deleted a large amount of duplicate files. It’s that simple, this software is great and we recommend anyone with a Mac to do a scan to see how much you can clean up your Mac.

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