Manage iMessage notifications in macOS

If you’re using the Messaging app, also known as iMessage on your Mac, you’ve experienced how useful it can be to send messages from your Mac. You no longer need to pick up your iPhone to get in touch directly via Messaging.

However, sometimes then the messages from the Messages app can be diverted. Namely, messages on macOS not only give an audible message to an incoming message but also show a preview of the message in the upper right corner. These notifications from the Messages app may be perceived as annoying.

In this tip, I’ll explain how to disable or stop notifications sent by the Messaging app.

Manage notifications from the Messages app

Start by opening the Messages app. You can find the messaging app in the macOS menu bar or via Apps and then Messaging.

Open messages app

Disable iMessage notification sound

When you receive a notification via iMessage, a sound is played. You can turn off this sound.

Click Messages on the left side of the menu. Then click Preferences.

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Click the General tab. Then turn off the checkbox: Play sound effects. You will no longer receive an iMessage audio notification for an incoming message.

Disable sound effects for iMessage

Block contacts via iMessage

If you do not want to receive notifications or incoming messages from a contact at all, you can block this contact via iMessage.

Click Messages on the left side of the menu. Then click Preferences.

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Then click on iMessage and click on the Blocked tab. Click the + button at the bottom. Select the contact or enter the phone number. These contact (s) are now blocked.

Block iMessage contacts

Hide specific iMessage contact notifications

If you only want to hide the messages from a specific contact, you can also set it up via iMessage.

Open iMessage Click on the messages conversation with this contact. Click on the (i) information sign at the top right. Enable the option: Hide notifications.

You will not receive any notifications of messages from this contact at this time.

Hide specific contact notifications in iMessage

Manage iMessage preview alerts

By default, every message in the upper right corner of macOS receives a preview notification. This is an example of the content of the message. If you no longer wish to receive a preview notification or would like to adjust the appearance and position of these preview alerts, you can do so via the Notification Settings on your Mac.

Click on the Apple sign at the top left. Click System Preferences in the menu. Click Message. Click Messages on the left side of the menu.

If you disable the Allow notification option, you will not receive any messages at all. Below you can customize the notification style of the messages. You can choose from no notification style, strips (this is the default) and notifications.

You can also enable or disable the following options, customizable as desired.

  • Show notifications on the locked screen.
  • Show in message center.
  • Badge app icon.
  • Play sound at notifications.

Additionally, you can preview notifications when your Mac is unlocked, always on display, or not at all. If you receive a lot of notifications, you can have the notifications automatically grouped on sender, on app, or not at all.

Customize post messaging in macOS

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I hope you have helped with this. Thanks for reading!