Make Google Chrome a lot faster

Google Chrome, a great and fastest internet browser. However, Google Chrome can be made even faster by adjusting multiple settings.

In this tip, I’ll explain the settings and show the customization so you can apply them yourself. You will notice the speed difference immediately!

Note: These settings in Chrome are constantly changing. It is possible that the “flags” or settings are outdated if you read this article!

We’re starting by opening Google Chrome’s “secret” settings.

Open Google Chrome. In the address bar, type: chrome: // flags /

WARNING These experimental features can be adjusted, stuck, or disappear at any time. We do not offer any guarantee as to what will happen if you enable one of these experiments: your browser may even fly spontaneously. All madness at a glance, it is possible that all data in your browser will be deleted, or that your security and privacy are at risk in unexpected ways. Experiments you enable will be enabled for all users of this browser. So pay close attention to what you are doing. Are you interested in new, cool Chrome features? Try our beta channel at


To make searching in this confusion of settings a bit easier, you may want to use the Google Chrome search feature to make the various settings I recommend easier.

Set Maximum Tile to 512

We’ll start by setting the Maximum Tile. Maximum Tile is a setting that tells Google Chrome how much RAM it can use on intensive websites.

  • Use the CTRL + F or CMD + F keyboard shortcut in Google Chrome and search for “Maximum number of tiles for area of ​​interest
  • Change the option from Standard to 512


Adjust number of grid threads

We are going to adjust the following Rasterthreads option from standard to 4. This option will optimize the rendering speed of images and thus load images a lot faster.

  • Use the CTRL + F or CMD + F keyboard shortcut in Google Chrome and search for “Number of grid threads
  • Adjust the option from standard to 4.


Activate SPDY

This adaptation will speed up internet browsing a lot faster, SPDY is still experimental. The main objective of this project is to replace the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) version 1.1 with a better alternative to achieving higher transmission speeds through data compression, prioritization and multiplexing “HTTP / 2”.

  • Use the CTRL + F or CMD + F keyboard shortcut in Google Chrome and search for “SPDY
  • Select enable.

Enable SPDY

Enable scroll bar for overlay

Scroll bars for overlay will make scrolling a page more enjoyable as Scroll bars for overlay will make scrolling smoother. This feels more subtle, and is not so much a feature to make Google Chrome faster, but more to enhance the user experience. It works especially well on longer websites with more content.

  • Use the CTRL + F or CMD + F keyboard shortcut in Google Chrome and search for “Overlay scroll bars
  • Select enable.

Scroll bars before overlay

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