Mail application (Microsoft Outlook 2016) no longer opens

You have a problem opening Outlook account manager Mail Microsoft Outlook 2016?

The latter is accessible from the control panel and allows you to manage Outlook profiles and therefore your e-mail accounts.

However sometimes it bug and you cannot open the manager from the control panel.

Here are some tips to regain control of the tool Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016).

Why does the Mail app not open (no longer)?

Usually it’s due to one problem during installation. The application may also be named differently depending on the version of your Office.

  • Office 2013 ==> Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2013)
  • Office 2016 and Office 2019 ==> Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016).
  • Office 365 ==> Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016).

We notice that the name stops at Outlook 2016 and this same for the 2019 and 365 versions.

Mail Microsoft Outlook 2016
The Outlook Profile Management Tool in Windows 10 Control Panel.

Usually when you click on the application nothing happens.

It’s annoying, since it is thanks to this panel that it is possible toadd email accounts (Exchange, Pop, Imap, Gmail and others..) but alsoadd PST type mail archive files.

Outlook email profile management
Mail Setup – Outlook allows you to create different mail profiles as well as manage your PST archive files.

1 – Reinstall Office

The first solution is to reinstall Office.

From the control panel go to Programs & Features then search for Office

Programs & Features control panel

I then look for the Office application.

office application

Two possible choices:

  • Quick reinstallation (does not completely reinstall your app)
  • Online reinstallation (Office reinstalls itself completely)

It is better to reinstall the office suite completely, usually your problem is resolved.

Need installation files? No problem Tutos-Informatique offers you downloading all Office ISOs

Sometimes to solve your problem it will take completely uninstall Office then reinstall it.

There is a Microsoft’s tool to perform a clean uninstallation.

2 – Find the MLCFG32.CPL file

A quick and working solution is to find the file MLCFG32.CPL. In fact, the file allows you to directly open the menu of Outlook mail configuration.

The path is different depending on your version of Office (32/64 bit and version number like 2013/2016 or 2019)

Double click on the MLCFG32.cpl file to open the mail control panel.

MLCFG32 path
Example for the 64-bit version office 365 suite.

Obviously do a search on your computer to find it easily.

For 32-bit versions, the file is usually found here:

C: Program Files (x86) Microsoft Office root Office16

Logically with the two solutions proposed you should be able to configure your email accounts without too many problems.

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