macOS Battery health: how to keep your MacBook battery healthy for longer

The advantage of a MacBook is that you can take it anywhere. It is important to keep your battery in good condition. macOS Battery Health and Optimized Charging extend the battery life. That is how it works.

macOS Battery health: how it works

Everyone uses their MacBook in a different way. Some are constantly on the road and use the Apple laptop mainly on the road. Others give their MacBook a permanent place in the house and connect the device to an external monitor. Your habits have major consequences for the load on the battery.

That’s why Apple created macOS Battery Health and Optimized Charging. This feature analyzes the way you use and charge your Mac. With that information, your MacBook sometimes chooses not to charge to the full 100%. This keeps the battery active, which extends its lifespan.

Both feature are on by default, but you can turn it off or check it by following the steps below. Note: Some older MacBooks do not support this feature.

How to turn Battery health on or off

  1. Click on the battery icon in the top right corner of your MacBook;
  2. Choose ‘Battery Preferences’ and then ‘Battery’;
  3. Click on ‘Battery health’.

In the next window you can check the condition of your battery. By checking the box next to ‘Manage battery life’ you ensure that the function is switched on. If you prefer not to use Battery Condition, simply uncheck the box. You will find optimized charging as an option on the previous screen.

Extend your iPhone’s battery life

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