MacBook Air Too Hot? Best tips and tricks to cool it down

The older your MacBook, the faster the cooling fan spins, and the less fun it is to use. If your MacBook is also prone to overheating, there are a few ways you can keep it cool and cool.

Sometimes you might think that your MacBook or MacBook Air is heating up too much if it sounds like a hair dryer. Normally, the fans run more intensively to prevent your Mac from getting too hot. But if it fails, the computer may shutdown unexpectedly.

There are plenty of tricks you can use to prevent your MacBook Air from overheating. For our purposes, it means “overheatingThe device becomes too hot to permanently touch, but still works. This way, you don’t need to wait for your MacBook to shut down before using the suggestions below to fix it.

MacBook Air Too Hot?  Best tips and tricks to cool it down - Mac

Why is my MacBook Air so hot?

All kinds of problems can cause your MacBook Air to heat up, from dust buildup to browser tabs overloading. These are some of the problems every computer deals with, but MacBooks seem to struggle the most.

The 2019 MacBook Air appears to be particularly prone to overheating issues. This problem is likely due to the small design with only one hole for ventilation – at the hinge of the screen – to help spread heat.

MacBook Air Too Hot?  Best tips and tricks to cool it down - Mac

Processing intensive tasks like viewing video, playing games, or opening multiple browser tabs take a toll on your Mac’s motherboard and processor. The motherboard generates heat while working, and this heat has only one path to be eliminated. Apple simply didn’t design the MacBook Air for tasks that require a lot of processing, which is why it overheats so frequently.

However, if your MacBook fans are ringing loudly and heating up to an alarming temperature, you can follow the suggestions below to help cool it down.

1. Change the environment you use

Despite the name, the best place to use your laptop isn’t on your lap. The MacBook is built to be used on a hard, flat surface, such as a desk, to provide the best ventilation without obstructing the fan’s work.

MacBook Air Too Hot?  Best tips and tricks to cool it down - Mac

Soft furnishings, such as a pillow or sofa, store more heat and cause dust. Both can reduce the MacBook Air’s ability to cool itself.

You should also avoid using your Mac in direct sunlight for the same reason. Apple says that the ideal ambient temperature for operating the MacBook Air is 50-95 degrees Fahrenheit (or 10-35 degrees Celsius).

2. Remove resource consuming app

If your surroundings seem fine, there’s a good chance your MacBook Air is overheating because it’s trying to do too many tasks at once. Find out exactly what processes are causing your Mac to overwork by launching the Activity Monitor app from the Utilities folder (or search for it using Spotlight with Cmd + Space).

Activity Monitor shows the processes running on your Mac, so you can manage them and see how they affect your Mac’s performance and activity.

In Activity Monitor, go to the tabCPUand click the % CPU column to sort each process in descending order, based on the percentage of available processing power each process uses.

MacBook Air Too Hot?  Best tips and tricks to cool it down - Mac

This is likely to reveal that certain applications or processes are using excessive amounts of CPU (think 90 percent and above) for no reason. Sometimes this happens when the app crashes and fails to close properly. You can fix this by selecting the process and forcing it to stop by pressing the stop button (X) in the upper left corner.

Many MacBook users find Google Chrome to be a big CPU consumer. If so, you may want to switch to Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

You should also reduce the number of login items that start when you log into your Mac. Open the Apple menu and go to تفضيلات النظام -> المستخدمون والمجموعات , then select your profile and open the tab Login Items To remove applications that you do not need to start with the system boot.

3. Update macOS and reset SMC

Even if there aren’t any particular apps causing your MacBook to overheat, you may still have a system issue. This may be caused by some errors in the operating system. Normally, all you have to do is update to the latest version of macOS to fix these issues.

Open the Apple menu and go to تفضيلات النظام -> تحديث البرنامج To check for new macOS updates. Make sure to download and install whatever is available on your Mac.

MacBook Air Too Hot?  Best tips and tricks to cool it down - Mac

There is a possibility that Apple is still working on correcting the error you are experiencing. You should turn on the option to keep your Mac updated automatically or keep checking for updates yourself frequently.

It is also a good idea to reset the SMC on your Mac which stands for System Management Controller shortcut. An issue with it might explain why your MacBook Air isn’t using fans to cool itself properly.

4. Run diagnostics on fans

If your problems are frequent and your MacBook Air turns off regularly, you may want to test the device’s fans. Sometimes you can clearly tell there is a problem with the fans if they stutter and grind audibly. But not all problems that fans encounter are so obvious.

Fortunately, you can test the fans on your MacBook using the built-in diagnostic software. If the MacBook Air was manufactured before June 2013, it will use Apple hardware testing. Newer models use Apple Diagnostics.

MacBook Air Too Hot?  Best tips and tricks to cool it down - Mac

Don’t worry: both tests are exactly the same, and you can access them the same way:

  • Turn off your Mac and connect the power cable.
  • Press the power button to restart your Mac, then press and hold the . key D.
  • Select the language (if prompted), then follow the on-screen diagnostic instructions.

On newer Macs, the Apple Diagnostic Test should start automatically. Older Macs that use Apple Hardware Test give you a choice of a baseline test or a comprehensive test. A basic test should be enough to detect problems with the fan.

After the diagnosis is complete, make a note of any error codes or other relevant information you get. You may want to give these codes to Apple if you need to make an appointment with a tech center to have your Mac repaired.

5. Exceeding fan speed MacBook Air Too Hot?  Best tips and tricks to cool it down - Mac

If your MacBook Air is constantly getting hot and you’re having a hard time figuring out why, you might want to install an app that lets you manually override the fan. This way, you can keep the fan speed at maximum even if your Mac usually doesn’t want to.

Of course, this may come at the cost of wearing out the propellers sooner. But replacing the fan in MacBook Air is much cheaper than replacing the motherboard if it has been corroded by heat.

The best app to use is Macs Fan Control, which is a free option that is added to the menu bar. Offers easy controls to bypass default rules about fan usage: choose to keep them on all the time or set an acceptable temperature range.

to download: Macs Fan Control For macOS (Free, paid version available)

6. Laptop coolers and trying to clean

It’s a last resort, especially for such a nifty machine, but sometimes you have to buy a laptop cooler for MacBook Air. This stand supports your MacBook and uses additional fans for better ventilation.

If you use your MacBook Air at home most of the time, getting a decent laptop cooler may be the simplest solution to avoiding overheating issues. This is ideal if you combine your MacBook with a display and keyboard.

MacBook Air Too Hot?  Best tips and tricks to cool it down - Mac

If your Mac is older and the fans are deteriorating a lot more than they used to, you may want to go a step further and clean it up. This involves opening the laptop case and exposing all the delicate internal components. It is entirely possible to cause permanent damage to your MacBook while doing this, so you may want to hire a professional instead.

However, it is quite possible to get rid of the dust that has accumulated inside your MacBook on your own. Just take the extra care needed when you do.

Any computer can have overheating issues

We’ve seen how to stop your MacBook Air from overheating. This problem is common for Mac owners, especially those with a 2019 MacBook Air, because Macs don’t have good ventilation options. But your Mac isn’t the only computer that overheats.

We previously wrote about tips for fixing any laptop with overheating. If your MacBook Air is still very hot, take a look at these general tips to see what you can do to fix it.

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