LibreOffice or OpenOffice: What to Choose? The best ?

LibreOffice or OpenOffice? What to choose ? There are many online platforms on which you can find and download apps to improve performance and create a better business.

In this article, we give you an in-depth comparison: We share the story of these two free office suites, we compare them cut and their main characteristics.

We share a few reasons you might be thinking of pay for an office suite for your business rather than going to open source.

LibreOffice or OpenOffice
free office or open office what to choose

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Common history of LibreOffice and OpenOffice

These two software were created on about 20 years ago. Open Office was not improved or developed for years, until the rights to OpenOffice be acquired by Oracle in 2000 and then Apache in 2014.

In comparison, LibreOffice (The Document Foundation) has been continuously developed and modified by adding new features very regularly.

For this reason, it was generally considered the most popular option of both, because it had more than features and was regularly improved.


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The OpenOffice suite was created by StarDivision, a German company, from StarOffice. It was launched in 1985 and Sun Microsystems acquired the company in 1999.

The group that has developed Java made the application open source in 2000. 1.0 was released in May 2002.2010, the date it was acquired by Oracle.

Several participants, who were part of the committee that developed, announced in September 2010 a fork (use the source code of an application to make a new one) OpenOffice because they believe that Oracle will not let the office suite development project be as open as they think it is and that a non-profit organization will serve the project better.

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free office or open office what to choose: Common points

When we compare OpenOffice and LibreOffice, it is natural to start with commonalities between these two free office software. Both were created to provide users with the same apps, including:

  • Word processor,
  • Presentations,
  • Database applications, and
  • Calculation tables (spreadsheet like MS Excel).

They also look alike, are both free and open source.

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Difference between open office and free office
: Our Test & Reviews

Now let’s take a look at some of the main differences between these two and how these differences make one of these free office software the big winner.

open office and free office difference
Difference between open office and free office

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Coding licenses

Openoffice or Libreoffice licenses

LibreOffice generally knew greater development over the years, and is also considered to have greater potential. This is largely due to license differences Between these two

He uses a dual LGPLv3 / MPL license, it can fully integrate the two codes and all the features of OpenOffice.

Open Office uses Apache licenses, he is unable to incorporate all that comes from LibreOffice.

This allows this last to add new features faster thatOpen, and adopt all thathe proposes, while he has to develop himself 100% of its functionality.

Winner: LibreOffice

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Comparison of applications: OpenOffice or LibreOffice

free office

As it concerns the actual applications available in both, they are exactly the same because of their original founding story.

Writer :

It is a software of word processor. You can write letters, proposals or whatever you want to put in .doc or .docx format.

Calc :

This software allows you to create spreadsheets. A similar comparison would be Microsoft Excel.

Impressum :

For those who make presentations, it’s a great alternative to Microsoft Power point. It can be used for those who are in school or professional situations.

Draw :

It is essentially a computer program which allows users to create and edit vector graphic images. We can compare it to an alternative to Microsoft Visio.

Based :

To come back to software who help professional companies, this software is a database manager. It can be compared to Microsoft Access, and assists with referral, reporting and analysis.


Both applications are compatible and can be used on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Version and Update : Updates and bug fixes. (64 bits)

free office
Open Office
Open Office
The updateEvery month almost 1Since 2014
Cloud ONLINE versionYesNO
Enterprise versionYesNO

LO has 90 updates but O.Office has 8 updates only

Winner: LibreOffice

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Open user interface vs Libre user interface

LO and OO user interfaces (UIs) are quite similar. In fgeneral, LibreOffice tends to have a more modern interface and cleaner.

The other usually has more than visible features on the page in default settings.

Both software can be changed to display more or less features.

For example, with the OpenOffice word processor, you will immediately see uno extra sidebar that you wouldn’t see in LibreOffice, but that you can hide or display in depending on your preferences.

Winner: We prefer LibreOffice

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Is file formatting better in LibreOffice or OpenOffice?

free office

The two are both able to support multiple types of formats, and you can open many Microsoft Office file types on one or the other platform.

The main difference Between them in regards to formatting files is located at level of recording of the files you create.

The general default option to save to either is .otd extension, which means Open Document Format. And that’s where the real difference lies.

Open Office may save word documents, but only at .doc format, which is slightly outdated. LO may save your “text documents in .doc or .docx”, which it gives a definite advantage.

Winner: LibreOffice

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Will they take up more space on the disk?

In fgeneral, LO has a larger download size than OpenOffice, but if you don’t have enough space, one or the other should work for you.

For Mac version, LO occupies a little more than 250 MB, versus 185 MB for the other. During installation, OpenOffice requires 400-650MB of disk space. LO requires 800MB-1.55GB of space to settle down, which is definitely more.

After installation, they are both quite light, so you shouldn’t experience any issues with operation on most PCs.

Winner: OpenOffice requires less disk space


Comparison of mobile applications:

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It exists mobile applications for

Open Office (AndrOpen Office application)

LibreOffice (application: Viewer and Impress Remote).

The application AndrOpen Office is available for Android and allows you toopen or edit OpenOffice Writer, Draw, Math and Calc files.

Unfortunately, as Open Office does not support .docx files, you can only edit old office documents.

With application LibreOffice Viewer:

You can not only edit documents, but also spreadsheets and presentations. Open Doc Format and Office formats are compatible with this application, as well as the new office formats.

Impress Remote :

Is another application used with LibreOffice. You can edit and present Impress presentations from devices Android Where ios. This is very convenient for office workers who do a lot of presentations.

Winner: LibreOffice

Comparison of the overall user experience:

At this point in the article, you can probably think that LO offer the best user experience.

LibreOffice has put a lot of effort into modernize the appearance and functionality of its applications, and this free office suite is better equipped for the era of mobile.

Open Office is still unable to Download and work with .docx files, so unless you are fully working with .doc or .otd files, we don’t see enough value in Open Office when we compare the two products.

LO To sleek design and improved appearance. And with LO, you will no longer have to worry about whether the file that you have received will open or not in your office suite (or that of your client).

This usually results in a waste of time and energy and by a productivity increased… A good thing when choosing a suite of office productivity applications.

Cases of crashes and data loss have been reported in LibreOffice and OpenOffice, which can have an effect negative on user experience (obviously), but he is hard to complain because these applications are free.

What is the best free office suite? : LibreOffice with an active community for support, it’s the free alternative to Microsoft Word and Excel.


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