Leaked: Here’s how to get a taste of Windows 11

Photo @Microsoft

The beautiful wallpapers of the upcoming Windows 11 operating system have been leaked. Yes, Windows 11 is probably coming!

At the end of this month, Microsoft will announce a major update for Windows 10. In the corridors, on the other hand, people talk with great certainty about the release of Windows 11. The changes that the update would introduce would be so significant that Microsoft would put a new number on it. Whether that is true, we will know on June 24, but we already know what the wallpapers of the presumed Windows 11 will look like.

Windows 11 wallpapers leaked

A please share on Twitter a link to a Drive that would contain all upcoming Windows 11 wallpapers. It concerns dozens of beautiful pieces of artwork that belong to the new operating system according to the nice standard.

While it’s impossible to verify that the images are actually from Microsoft, one thing is certain. These are high quality files with beautifully designed artwork. There are some abstract oil paint in water-like images. Are you more of the crumpled clay, then there is that too. There are also several variants of the above new Windows landscape available.

On June 24, we’ll find out if the pictures were made by an enthusiastic home tinker, or if they are the official wallpapers of Windows 10 or 11. Then Microsoft will hold a presentation where they will reveal the upcoming giant update. A small hint can be found in the announcement video below; the lights create an ’11’, as it were. Oh and the presentation will be at 11am (ET), which can’t be a coincidence!