KPN iTV and Chromecast: the only step-by-step plan you need

KPN iTV and Chromecast: can they be used together? Fortunately, the short answer to that question is yes. In this article you can read everything you want to know about it. Such as what you need, how to establish the connection and what options are available. But also how you can solve any problems between the Chromecast and KPN iTV.

What is KPN iTV?

The KPN iTV application, available for Android and iOS, is in many ways comparable to the Ziggo Go app. The app allows you to do a number of things. Think of pausing live TV, starting a program from the beginning and of course to a Chromecast cast.

KPN iTV is available as an app, but can also be reached via your browser. If your browser then has built-in Cast options, you can also send content to your TV from a laptop or PC. There is also possibly a smart TV app, for those without Chromecast at home.

If you have a somewhat more expensive package, you also view and manage the recordings that you have made yourself. You also have access to an on-demand range of films and series, see what can be watched in the digital TV guide and receive viewing suggestions based on your viewing behaviour. So it’s a handy app.

KPN iTV and Chromecast: the basics

Before we can talk about the connection between KPN iTV and Chromecast, we have to make sure that the basics are correct. For example, you need a Chromecast, or a TV / media player with built-in Chromecast, that is on the same network as the smartphone with the KPN iTV app on it.

Image: KPN (Google Play Store)

If this is your first experience with installing the Chromecast, don’t worry: that job is done in no time. Plug the Chromecast into the power outlet and the HDMI cable into an open HDMI port on your TV, go to the correct channel and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Of course you also need the KPN iTV app. We’ve mentioned it before, but that app is available for Android and iOS. It is completely free to download. All you need after that is a KPN account, since you have to be logged in for the available content.

Chromecast V3
Chromecast with Google TV

KPN iTV and Chromecast: the app

After downloading and installing the KPN iTV app, you need to log in. If you don’t have your login details, grab them or look them up. You do not have to log in again afterwards, unless of course you decide to log out completely.

Once inside the app, you can immediately choose what you want to watch. You can watch all kinds of content, such as live TV, recorded material (with the right subscription) or a movie or series that is offered. Pick what you want to watch so we can begin the Casting process.

When you tap on the image with your finger, the menu will appear. At the top right you will see the Cast icon. Can’t you see that? Then we may have the solution for you here. To cast, the Chromecast must be on the same Wi-Fi network as your phone.

If that is the case, you will see a list of Chromecast devices in the house after you tap the button. Tap on the Chromecast or television you want to use and let the technology take over. Within seconds you will see the content appear on the big screen.

To clarify this a bit further, below is a step-by-step plan for streaming KPN iTV to Chromecast.

Stream from iTV to Chromecast, a step-by-step plan:

1. Make sure you download the KPN iTV app (Android or iOS)

2. Then log in with the details of your KPN account

3. Select what content you want to stream to the big screen

4. Then tap on the screen and a cast icon will appear in the top right corner. This will only be visible if your smartphone/tablet is connected to the same WiFi network as your Chromecast.

5. Select the correct Chromecast and the casting can begin.

It can be that easy to use KPN iTV and Chromecast together.

Image: KPN, edited: Wesley Akkerman

KPN iTV and Chromecast: the website

You can also stream content via Google’s browser, Google Chrome. You will then need that browser on your PC or laptop. You can download it here. After downloading, proceed as follows:

  1. Open KPN iTV in the web browser.

2. Log in and select the movie or series you want to watch.
→ Via the three dots on the far right in the Chrome bar. Then press the Cast button… and then choose the device you want to cast to.
→ Or you press the Cast icon in the KPN iTV web player. Then the same menu will appear with a list of available devices within your WiFi network.

4. To view content you must be logged in at all times, of course. If you can’t view the content you want to view, you probably need to log in first.

You don’t have to do much more to let KPN iTV and Chromecast work together.

KPN iTV and Chromecast: it doesn’t work

Of course it can always happen that things don’t go quite as you would like, so that casting doesn’t work, for example. To solve this, there are a number of things you can check to solve the KPN iTV and Chromecast problem.

1. In many cases, the solution is simple: check whether your smartphone/tablet is connected to the correct WiFi network. So this is the same WiFi network as that of the Chromecast.

2. Close the KPN iTV app completely. If this doesn’t work, install the app again.

3. No result yet, it could also be your Chromecast. A rigorous, but often well-functioning solution is to reset the Chromecast. This way the settings are completely redone (only takes a minute or 2, so quite quickly).

If you run into other problems, such as not finding the Chromecast or having no sound from your Chromecast connection, fortunately there are plenty of manuals available on Chromefans.