Kodi: What it is, how it works, what it is for and how to use it correctly

Television, radio, cinema, concerts, and much of the entertainment area, today are enjoyed virtually through applications or web pages. Where you can get part of this material for free or also paid.

What is the main function of the Kodi digital tool?

Kodi is a multimedia platform created to unify all types of contentBe it music, videos and even games. In other words, all this can be controlled from a single starting point.

This program works as a multimedia file player, handling any type of format. It even supports digital television playback.

Procedure to download and install Kodi

This platform was created to be suitable for any type of mobile device, from computers, televisions, tablets, and then those that support this player. But it really is very complete and easily accessible to everyone.


On the web there are several pages from where it is possible to download Kodi completely for free and without any problem, just type the name in the search engine and it will give you reliable results. The Kodi works easily for Windows and Android operating systems.

On Chromecast

This interface is really useful for projecting multimedia on a TV, The Kodi added to the Chromecast form an irresistible duo, This is why both applications must be installed on the device, and also install “Google home”. This will guarantee the operation of the Kodi through the Chromecast.

Now you just have to enter Google Home, go to the account tab and select two options, the first is “project screen / audio”And the second is to choose the Chromecast device. In this way, whatever the Kodi is playing on your android, you will see it on the tv.

Media player

On Amazon Fire TV

Kodi is not available in the Amazon store, so as an add-on download you will also need the Downloader. So the steps are as follows:

  • Enter Amazon Fire Tv, categories menu, and press Utilities
  • Choose Dowloader and press get.
  • Inside Dowloader, select Browser, and look for the official kodi page, and locate “Android” to download.
  • There will be 3 options available, but since Amazon Fire tv only works with a 32-bit system, then that processor option must be chosen.
  • A download of a file in APK format will begin, in these downloads permissions that must be approved will be requested.
  • Then Kodi should be downloaded in a window that will open, and it will be ready to be used on Amazon Fire TV.

On Android cell phone

To install Kodi, you enter the Android store, Play Store, search and download it like any other application.

On Android TV

It is searched in the catalog of applications of the Android tv, once located it proceeds to download.

How can we perform the basic Kodi configuration on our devices?

The first step will be to create a profile on Kodi, you can configure up to 5 different ones. From this you can change some settings, such as language, screen calibration, subtitle language and a storage backup.

What is the procedure to import and export Kodi files?

To export files, go to Configuration, and choose the Advanced or expert mode. Then choose the file book that is contained in the Kodi, and press “export library”.

digital television

Later it will be recorded in a document called xbmc_videodb_XXXX or similar, this file is copied and pasted on the new device.

To import, look at the top left of the menu within Kodi, locate the option to “see the files section.” Click on files, and choose the option of the type you want to add.

What file formats does Kodi support?

This program does not support all types of files, but among the supported are audio, video, and photo.


As audios they are compatible: MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, AC3, MIDI, AIF, DTS, AMR, among others.

Of video

Within the group of compatible videos are the formats: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, RealVideo, QuickTime, H.263, among others.

From photo

As photo formats it supports the following: JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, among others.

How to install the add-ons on Kodi

The add-ons are Kodi add-ons, they improve the functionality of the program. To add them, you can enter the Kodi menu and locate the Add-ons option. Then the open box icon is pressed, and immediately it will take you to the add-on installation menu.

Most common problems with the operation of Kodi and how to fix them

Like all programs created by humans, may have certain errors, either by installation or by operation. The most common is that the execution is completely paralyzed, and does not work.

Does not start or suddenly closes

When this problem happens the bests uninstall add-ons and remove updates they have little time installed.

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The addons do not appear to me

Must check if the addons still exist, since many times they stop working because they are no longer on the internet. Then you should check if they have any updates on the web and install them.

Search engine not working

Verify that if you have the latest Kodi update, if not, you should update it and take advantage of clearing the program’s cache.

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