Kik Online Login: Just when the time when we thought that there are no more messaging apps and the excitement is all gone then comes to the greatest and probable application that gives you a whole different chat room and allows you to send stickers and what not to your gang or individual.

Text messaging has become really old and boring and it’s the more or less traditional way of sending messages which however today we see that it has become really an authentic way to send messages. Living in the ages of Instagram and Facebook this messaging thing does not at all fits in. So with the commencement of the smartphone and social media apps, Kik Messenger sets the best example for one such cool app.

We know this is an era of technology that keeps on changing with time and also many different things come up and changes occur therefore Kik Messenger keeps on upgrading itself with new features that will make your texting funnier and easier.

It’s only been eight years since the kid has come in reach of the common people. We all love the change and therefore change becomes the only constant and to keep in using new application is one of the best ways to explore what is going on with the digital world and what features are been given at the same time.


Benefits and Features for Having Online Account With Kik

Kik is one such app that boasts many features and has been popular among young teens and adults as it has now 240 million users all across the world. These details tell the factual use and popularity of the app exclusive of all the features being offered by it.

  • It includes the use of notifications. Like other application, you will get the notification when someone pings you on that app.easy customization if new users can be done through kickkik which makes it much more easier.
  • You can invite your friends, relatives to the Kik Messenger app by sending them invites. Allow access to the contacts and it will pick up all the users who are not using the app and will send the invite automatically.
  • You can also exchange multimedia messages whether be it a photograph or a GIF.
  • With the live type feature, it has become easier for you to judge whether the person whom you are talking to is replying to the messages or not. If the person will be typing something or replying you will be able to see the live type status.
  • With the help of the read receipt option, you will be either able to hide the reading receipts so that others would not have an idea of you being online or they may hide the reading receipt. It gives you access to the information whether the text has been read by the other person or not and at what time.
  • You can customize the chat using fonts and different colors and even the background making it much more personalized.
  • With the help of the promoted chats feature it will be easier for you to be a part of the chats going on and you can read, see and be a part of the anonymous chat that is going on
  • On the bottom of the conversation, you can see a globe icon that will allow you to surf the web.
  • You can be a part of all the group conversation you wish to be. Make groups or rather be a part of the anonymous group and enjoy the chat.
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How to Create an Account on Kik?

Creating an account with KIK is another important thing that you must have been looking for. Well with so many amazing features in a simple messaging app is just wonders to have.

  • To create an account in Kik you simply have to go to and click on create an account
  • Afterward, you will be asked to fill in the details like user name, kik username, password, email address and of course remember that your age should be above 13 years.
  • Once you have filled in the information a confirmation has been sent to the email address select confirm and then click on submit
  • Now go to the app or the browser type the Kik username and the password and you will be logged in.

The other important question arises that what if the person is not using the app through phone but PC. At times, it becomes really difficult to download the software that will support the version of the kik pc download.

 How to Download Kik Messenger App for Pc?

  1.  At times when your phone crashes down or you are not able to use the app properly in your phone it becomes necessary to have a backup. Therefore kik is one such app that you can easily install in your PC too and use it through multiple devices.
  2. The first required tool to download the Kik Messenger app is to download the Blue stacks that will allow you to run all the applications installed in your android phone to run on your windows.
  3. Now open Blue stacks and download Kik Messenger app. You can type the app in the search box area or also directly transfer it from the phone that is being used.
  4. After the kik for pc has been downloaded you can now log in through the registered username and the password
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What if you have forgotten your password, will all data be gone forever? Don’t worry as we have found out the solution for that as well.

How to Reset the Password for Online Kik Account?

It happens many times that because of having so many social media account it becomes difficult to remember the password for each account and one tends to somehow forget it. If you have forgotten your kik login Password then you can follow the steps to reset the password

  • Go to the kik login page and then click on the link forgot password
  • After that, you will ask to type the security email id in order to retain the password
  • You will be sent a confirmation link to the email
  • Open an email and click on the link
  • Type the new password and click submit
  • go back to the kik login page and type the username and the new password
  • You will be logged in to your kik account with all the data being saved from the start
  • You can also manage to set up a backup for the app that allows saving data and you can easily retain it afterward if you logged in through a different account.


 Kik messenger app has recently become a lot popular among the young adults for its so exclusive features that differ it from all the other application. In the article, we have covered the ways to login to kik account and how to reset the password in case if one has forgotten. In case if you have any query or doubt regarding the same you can drop the questions in the comment section below. We will try to answer them shortly!


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