Kik For Windows 10, Easy Process To Chat Directly From your PC

Kik For Windows 10: Kik is one of the best messenger apps available right now, which enables the users to connect with their friends and family members very easily. It is one of the most trusted apps for messaging. You can not only chat through this app but also download and send videos, files, images and other attachments. In this guide, we are going to talk about the process by which you may use Kik for Windows 10 and use it on your PC very easily.

Android Apps Like Kik on Windows 10

With the evolving nature of users, all the companies in the world are changing themselves and their products as well. Instant chat application like Kik is really a dope for every beginner level Android user. What WhatsApp and Wechat miss, we fill those blanks with Snapchats and Kik. But do you ever have the weird idea of chatting through IM like Kik from your Windows PC?

Well, many of us have these kinds of desires. It’s very hard to explain why using the 5-inch screen all the time for chatting may become boring and monotonous. From that desire, we tried to figure out the way to kick start of playing the Kik for Windows 10.

Download Kik for Windows 10: Why Use the App?

When we talk about messenger services, we usually talk about Whatsapp, WeChat and Facebook messenger which are extensively used on smartphones these days, be it an Android phone or an iPhone. But it sometimes becomes necessary to use a messenger service on our Windows PC too and this is where Kik comes in.  This app can be easily installed on your PC by using some tricks which we are going to discuss below.

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Now you may be aware that Kik messenger is exclusively for Android devices only, so in order to download Kik on PC, you would need to use a trick. Here we are going to use software known as an Android Emulator. It is software that runs on a windows background but mimics the Android OS background. In this way, it can fool the Android app into believing that is running on an Android background.

Run Kik for Windows 10 Using Bluestacks

Well, all of us are aware what Bluestacks is. It’s the father figure of all Android emulator. It might be the first in the class emulator in the market that emulates any Android app and game.

  • Downloading the Bluestacks is the first and foremost step to proceed. Download it from here.
  • Once it’s downloaded, launch the installation process by clicking double on the downloaded file.
  • Let it be installed properly, it may take two to three minutes if you have downloaded an old .exe file then after installation, it takes a few moments to get the update installed on it.
  • Wait till then, start launching the app, once the screen opens fully and all the things render fully for the first time, go to the “Search” option on the top right corner and type “Kik” there. Once the search result appears, you can see the Kik messenger app there. click that to start the process of emulating Kik for windows 10.


Run Kik for Windows 10 Without Bluestacks

There are many Android Emulators available apart from Bluestacks right now, but we are going to use Youwave Emulator. Just follow the steps carefully mentioned below-

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(There’s another thought of using any other Android emulator than Bluestacks- maximum of us have tried Bluestacks before and some of us have done these kinds of similar tweaks via Bluestacks easily. So the process may become monotonous if we do the same thing again and again. That’s why some of us try to find out the other way apart from Bluestacks. It provides a different outlook for the design and UI of the other apps like Youwave is completely different. It gives us a new taste. But trust me, the inner gears that work for you are more or less similar)

  • STEP 1: First of all, you need to download Youwave Emulator by searching the internet. We recommend to download it from the official source. Otherwise, an outdated app can create system conflict.
  • STEP 2: Install Youwave on your PC using the setup file you have just downloaded from the official site. Make sure that it has the official APK package name because sometimes hackers make clone website by domain musking and it becomes difficult to figure out the genuine out of that easily. For installation on Windows 10, it may require a permit as Windows 10 has integrated an option to uncheck “install app other than from Microsoft’s official store”. Just uncheck this option and enjoy. It’s almost a similar step-like “permission for installing third-party APK” for Android devices.
  • STEP 3: Now, Open Youwave Emulator. It’s almost like any other Android emulator with some visual changes on the layers.
  • STEP 4: You will see an interface like your Android mobile phone. The interface will remind you the Android KitKat version. It supports all the apps that run on Android 4.4 KitKat or higher version. We are sorry if you have something that doesn’t support on Android KitKat at least!
  • STEP 5: Open Google Play Store from there. We can get Kik messenger on Playstore so there’s nothing to worry about. It has its official version of it but if in case you want to give the latest version a try then download the latest APK from Kik’s official site and check the latest enhancements.
  • STEP 6: Search for Kik messenger and then install it (Note: You need to have a Google account in order to access Google Play store)
  • STEP 7: Now Open Kik from the app drawer and enjoy!
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Wrap Up

We hope our guide to run Kik for Windows 10 has helped you to install the app on your Windows-powered PC or laptop. In case you face any issues while installing the app, you may use the comment section below to contact us. You may also bookmark this page for ready reference. Chatting on the big screen has never been so amazing before. Try it and we are sure that like us, you will be amazed at every step. Happy chit-chatting!

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