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Sites Like KickAss torrent proxy was one of the most popular torrenting websites that offers a huge directory of torrent’s field and magnet links for P2P file-sharing through BitTorrent protocols. IT was used by millions of torrent users every day, but in 2016 the website was brought down by the US government and the owner of the website Artem Vaulin, was arrested. Many tires were made to bring the site back through mirror links, but their proxy servers also got shut down by its staff. Before it got down, KcikAss torrents were the best place to download the latest movies, TV shows, music, software, and a lot more. Since its inception to its downfall, many countries around the world, if you are researching for the Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives and how to use them safely, then you are at ht right place at the right time. We have created this guide to give the best kickass torrents alternatives so that you can download and upload your favourite content just like before. There is; a huge number of Sites Like KickAss torrent alternatives websites available on the internet right now and we are going to show which the best ones are and how you can access then to download your favourite content without any trouble.

kickass torrent alternatives
kickass torrent alternatives


Kickass Torrent Sites List :

Extra Torrent
Bittor DHT
Only Torrents
Tor Lock
Booty Tape
01 Torrents
Pirate Public
YIFY Torrents
Seed Peer
Torrent Bit
Arena BG
Your Bittorrent
BT Sone
Sky Torrents
ISO Hunt
New Rutor
Torrent Downloads
RU Tracker
Sumo Torrent
1337x Torrent
Torrent King
World Wide Torrents
Mejor Torrent
Torrent Funk
Academic Torrents
DIVX Total
Fast Torrent
Torrent Project
The Pirate Bay
Desi Torrents

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A large group of original Kickass Torrent staffers has launched a reincarnation of the infamous torrent site, hoping to restore it to its former glory. The new site uses a new and secure database, but the look and feel of the platform remain the same. A few months a criminal investigation by eh U.S. GOvernment brought down Kickass Torrents the largest torrent site at the time. As a result, millions of people were left without their favourite torrent site. This included a very active community of admins, moderators and forum members.


LIME TORRENTS: LimeTOrretns has got a green-coloured interface and is an efficient KickAss Torrents Alternative, which makes it an offering very different than others. IT is a popular name for the torrent users, and the related community swears by this KickAss Torrent alternative. Because of its useful features, it serves as an exceptional alternative to kickAss Torrents. The suite of features this torrent substitute has makes it the best for the users fo the year 2018. LimeTorrents features a massive catalogue that remains updated. IT is updated every hour, and thus the users can enjoy the most updated services. As for your specific requirements, you can look for the torrents in the list of the top flow.

Zooqle -googlezooqle Proxy Movies

The user who is well aware of the regular torrent s must have heard about this KickAss Torrents alternative before. The site now appears more than often with some extravagant offerings of the users that other torrents don’t offer. IT is only because of some fantastic features that make this KickAss Torrent alternative not only a grand flow but also a convincing KickAss Torrents alternative for the users.


Just like Turlock, it also offers a range of useful torrents forms a vast category. One new catch with Google torrent is that it has an interface that is clean, clear and probably the best if compared with other similar offerings. This makes it the best flow that is readily available for users over the internet.See also  Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration – what to do?

Torlock-torlock proxy Download Unblocked For Torlock Search Engine:

The impressive offering form TorLock is sure to take this KickAss Torrents alternative in your popular list of sites. Turlock, as a torrent has a variety of features, some of which include an impressive UI. There are thousands of flows that are indexed in a variety of categories, including Games, Software, Music, MOvies, etc.

torlock download
torlock download unblocked

Several advantages come along while using to lock torrent. An added benefit with this alternative torrent site is it is one of its kind that only lists verified torrents. All this and a lot more makes TorLock one of the best options for the users to be used in 2018.


Popcorn Time allows users to stream media content by using the BitTorrent P2P protocol. Among a set of exceptional features, one of the most prominent is an easy-to-use interface. It is slick, and that adds icing to the cake.

popcorn time apk download
popcorn time apk download

Another unique offering is the BitTorrent protocol. It is an efficient means to transfer the data over the internet. It can be used to deliver high quality(720p or 1080p) video streaming. There is no buffering issue on even relatively slow internet connections, and this makes it an essential consideration for the users.

Popcorn time apk-popcorn time for PC IOS MAC:

We know that popcorn time apk For ios pc android and much more you can get from official sites. This Popcorn time android helps the user to download from google play store, and you can also use this popcorn time for mac in online sites Download popcorn time app sites


Talk about the most used KickAss Torrents alternative form the list of the best one, and I have Pirate Bay for you. IT is one of the most used torrent websites that is preferred by users. IT has a huge following and popularity among the users and referred o as TPB in short. Owing to the great features, it offers to the users,

pirate bay
pirate bay

The Pirate Bay can be an effective KickAss Torrents alternative for the users. An additional catch is that it is running on the original domain that many other similar sites lack as additional functionality. That’s an extra feature, and this is why I have included the offering in this list here.See also  Download Media Player Classic for Windows 10

Extra Torrent -Extra Torrent Sites Movies Torrent Search Engine:

KickAss Torrent’s sudden death paved the way for Extra Torrent to make it accessible for the users as the best KcikAss Torrents alternative. It is the largest torrent indexing website all over the world, and that is another exceptional feature of this torrent alternative.

extra torrent movies torrent
extra torrent movies torrent

There is a massive range of other outstanding torrent links that it brings along. There is an active community behind this torrent that actively comments on floods. This all is done to offer the required information to the users on different flows they are willing to gather information about. Besides this information, it provides valuable insights into other links regarding their effectivity for the users.

NEW KICKASS TORRENTS SITE: has now launched a fully operational torrent website, which looks identical to the original Kickass Torrents(KAT) portal, and hosts a good number of torrents files and magnet links for movies torrent, TV shows, software, goes, e-books, and music torrent, TorrentFreak reports.

new kickass torrents site
new kickass torrents site

In case the original Kickass Torrents website does not immediately load, give it a few tires, as the site is experiencing a massive surge in traffic. Launched today and located at, the new Kickass Torrents site starts with a clean user database while many members of the original staff are back on board, including its dedicated uploaders.

Here’s what the KAT cr team said on the kickass Torrents download site’s launch:

Meanwhile, in separate news, the Federal Court of Australia has ordered internet service providers(ISPs) to block access to 5 Torrent websites, including The Pirate Bay, Torrentz, torrenthound, IsoHunt, and SolarMovie, within next 15 days. Following the shutdown of the original kickass Torrens portal earlier this year, several mirror sites came up online, claiming to be the real reincarnation


The World won’t be the same place without Kickass. Hopefully, these sites like Kickass torrents alternatives will be to your liking, and you will be able to torrent as your heart desires. If you think we have missed something, then do let us know in the comments below.

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