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Keyboard problem on Asus ROG, what to do?

You have keyboard problems on your Asus ROG ? Indeed, it can happen that suddenly the keyboard has unexpected operation. However, this kind of situation can have several reasons. It is possible that it is just incorrect keyboard settings. Or a software problem. So, to help you figure out which item is causing the problem on your PC. We have divided this article into 2 parts. First, we will show you how to control and modify, if necessary, the different keyboard settings on Windows 10. In the event that this does not solve your malfunction. We will detail you the technique which allows update your keyboard driver.


Configure the keyboard of an Asus ROG to correct the problems:

Know that the PC keyboard settings turn out to be quite large. Indeed, you will be able to modify language determined by default. However, to facilitate the change of these preferences, there are shortcut keys on your Asus ROG. These are really useful for people who often use 2 languages ​​on their computer. However, for you, it is possible that you made the shortcut without realizing it. However, according to the tongue selected, your keyboard may have switched from AZERTY to QUERTY or the contrary. This kind of change has the effect of change the layout of the keys. In particular in AZERTY the first letter on the left will be an “A” but in QUERTY it will be a “Q”. Therefore, this handling error may be the reason for your dysfunctions.

Add to that, on laptops you have keys that have 2 roles. This is for example the case of the keys digital but also Fn keys on your Asus ROG. However, the activation of certain keys makes it possible to trigger the second function of a key. So it is possible that you notice unexpected behavior.

So in order to clarify all this, we will indicate everything that is useful to know in the following. We will start by describing the steps to get you through the keyboard settings. Then, we will guide you to choose a preferred language on your Asus ROG. And finally we will inform you about keyboard shortcuts that have an impact on the operation of the keyboard.

Check the keyboard configuration on your Asus ROG:

  1. Access to Windows settings by clicking on the star wheel in the start menu.
  2. Select section “Ergonomic options”.
  3. Then, go to the tab ” Keyboard ” which is in the part “Interaction”.
  4. Unless you have specific expectations. We recommend that you deactivate the options below but also the function that authorizes the activation of the keyboard shortcut :
    • “Use sticky keys”: this feature is recommended for people who want to use keyboard shortcuts and have difficulty pressing keys simultaneously.
    • “Use the toggle keys”: with this function you will be informed when the key NumLock is activated on your Asus ROG.
    • At last “Use the filter keys”: the latter gives the possibility of not taking into account a long press on a key on the keyboard.

Check the language configured on the keyboard of your Asus ROG:

  1. This method will still be carried out at the level of Windows settings. However this time you will have to go to the section “Time and language”.
  2. Then, you will have to go to the tab ” Tongue “.
  3. Within the latter, it will be necessary to choose your preferred language so that it is configured on your keyboard.
    • In the event that a language (other than the preferred language) is selected at the level of the keyboard of your Asus ROG. You will need to click on the keyboard icon in order to choose the language of your choice on the list located on the paragraph “Override Default Input Method”.
    • By the way, if your language is not displayed in the list. It will be necessary add it by clicking on the button “Add a language”.

If you want more information about the setting the languages ​​on your Asus ROG in a general view. We suggest you read the following article: How do I change the language of my Asus ROG?

Keyboard shortcuts on an Asus ROG:

  • To change the language and / or the keyboard quickly, you have the keyboard shortcut:
    • Ctrl + Shift: change the keyboard
    • Alt + Shift: change the language
    • Windows + Space: allows you to choose the combination of your choice from the list of preferred languages.
  • The NumLock key disables all keys, except those with a number. In case you activate it without realizing it. You can easily think that the keyboard of your Asus ROG is faulty.

Fix a keyboard problem on an Asus ROG:

When the problem with your Asus ROG does not come from the configuration of your keyboard. In this case it will be necessary to think about keyboard driver. The latter happens to be a program that allows your keyboard to communicate information with Windows 10. If it is not up to date, it generates incompatibilities that can lead to unusual behavior of the device. But it is really easy to fix it using the Device Manager.

Finally, we will discuss the hypothesis of a keyboard problem at the hardware level on your Asus ROG. Thus, we will give you a technique that can fix it. As well as an alternative if you wish to divert it.

Update the keyboard driver on your Asus ROG:

  1. Go to the tool ” Device Manager “. To do this, do not hesitate to use the Windows 10 search bar.
  2. In the list, find the section “Keyboards”.
  3. Then perform right click at the device level of your Asus ROG.
  4. Click on “Update the driver” within the context menu.
  5. Finally select “Automatically search for drivers”.

Repair a keyboard key on an Asus ROG:

It is also possible that the keyboard problem on your Asus ROG comes from a problem equipment. Indeed, in the event that the fault is located and only concerns certain keys that do not work properly. It will undoubtedly be necessary replace the defective key (s). To know the method to perform this repair on your Asus ROG. We recommend that you browse the article below: How to reset a keyboard key on Asus ROG?

You should know that it is also possible to use a virtual keyboard on your Asus ROG. The latter is accessible using the Windows search bar by typing “visual keyboard”. Otherwise there are shortcut keys Windows + Ctrl + O.

In conclusion : a keyboard problem on an Asus ROG is usually generated by a bad configuration. Indeed, there are several possible configurations so as to meet different expectations. Now you know how control and modify these configurations according to your expectations. Otherwise it could also be a question of a software problem with the driver update. Or a deterioration material which can be bypassed using the virtual keyboard. If, despite everything, your problem persists, do not hesitate to contact Microsoft support.

If you want other tutorials on your Asus ROG, you can go to the tutorials in the category: Asus ROG.

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