Kaspersky review (test): is this antivirus credible and efficient?

If the USA ANSSI recognizes that there may be doubts about the Russian software, it has not yet taken a position. In any case, we advise you to turn to alternatives for maximum security. The content below is no longer being updated. You can see our antivirus comparison here.

Kaspersky test review
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How to get an opinion on Kaspersky?

The solution is super simple. To form your own Kaspersky opinion, we invite you to run the Kaspersky Anti-Virus test. Why ? Quite simply because it is totally free! Indeed, for thirty days you have the possibility of using this software without spending a single euro. It is the ideal solution to develop an opinion on the product without taking the risk of a bad investment.

Kaspersky Total Security antivirus review

Virus detection

The Kaspersky virus test works in several ways, such as Bitdefender Total Security (read our Bitdefender review right here). The first is the one running in the background; you don’t need to do anything. Kaspersky automatically analyzes all your files and warns you if there is a suspicious one. The second is the scheduled Kaspersky test. You can choose a time and date for the scan to trigger. Finally, the third is the manual Kaspersky test. It is the least practical because it requires being present. But this tool can always be used in case of immediate doubt.

Performance optimization

Many opinions collected on antivirus assure that these slow down the computer. But is it true? With Kaspersky, fortunately not. Indeed, our Kaspersky test showed no additional slowdown. Even better: there is an option to improve the power of your computer. So, if your Mac or PC is too slow, then Kaspersky can help you clean it up to make it faster.

Kaspersky test review
antivirus notice Ⓒ Kaspersky

ad blocker

Our Kaspersky test did not only lead us to discover the antivirus. We were also able to try the ad blocker. As its name suggests, it is responsible for identifying adware, malicious software whose objective is to distribute invasive advertisements on your computer. Here, the result was very conclusive: Kaspersky spotted all the advertisements. We were then able to deactivate them and they no longer reappeared.

Kaspersky’s ad blocker is a feature that is included in the paid version. It also covers certain browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Our opinion on GPS tracking

Did you know ? Kaspersky offers a rather unique functionality, which is difficult to find with the competition. This asks to go through the mobile app, which must be installed on the phone of his children. Then, a regular Kaspersky test is performed in the background as your offspring move around. The objective of this one is obviously to locate its GPS position. You can then follow a map so you know exactly where your children are. If you live in a risky neighborhood, this is the ideal solution if you don’t have time to pick it up from school.

Kaspersky test review
antivirus test Ⓒ Kaspersky

Webcam Protection

The Kaspersky webcam test is an innovative feature. Indeed, here, you have the possibility to verify that a hacker is not viewing the video stream from your camera. Computers have a sensor of this type above their screen are indeed numerous. And sometimes even the yellow dot that lights up to tell you that the camera is in demand can be hacked. With Kaspersky’s solution, that’s history.

Kaspersky VPN

Our Kaspersky test also allowed us to look at the case of the VPN. This is one of the coolest features of this review. On the one hand because this VPN guarantees your online anonymity. Indeed, its role is to pass your IP address through multiple servers in order to make your geographical position almost undetectable.

On the other hand, because this virtual private network also makes it possible to benefit from advantages for travelers who want to avoid censorship. Indeed, in China, Facebook is banned, so without a VPN you will not be able to send a message to all your friends.

anti phishing

Kaspersky also offers anti-phishing protection. The principle of this is to help you avoid falling into the trap of phishing. But what is it? In short, hackers impersonate online shopping sites you use every day like Amazon or Etsy. Except they’re not the real ones. As a result, when you enter your bank details, it is in fact the hacker who retrieves them. Ouch…

Kaspersky test review
VPN test Ⓒ Kaspersky

Parental control test

Our Kaspersky test also stopped at the issue of parental controls. Here, you will be asked for your opinion in order to know which hours you choose to allow free computer access to your children. It is possible to choose time slots where Internet access is prohibited. In addition, you also have the possibility of blocking certain Internet sites whose content is considered too violent for the youngest.

We recommend this feature to all families with children under the age of thirteen. It is compatible with Windows and Mac and macOS.

Compatibility (computers and mobiles)

Our Kaspersky test allowed us to find out which computers are compatible with the antivirus. It must be said that there are many of them. First of all, it is possible to install Kaspersky on MacBook Pro and on MacBook Air. But that’s not all, since this antivirus is also compatible with the iMac and with the Mac Pro. Finally, be aware that all computers running Windows 11, Windows 8, Windows 10 are also compatible with Kaspersky.

On the smartphone side, our test was mainly interested in the iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the second generation iPhone SE. But if you have a mobile running its Android, no problem: the test also analyzes the files of this operating system.

Our Kaspersky opinion: on iPhone, Intego does better because it specializes in Apple.

Updated 03/28/2022 : Kaspersky is officially “a threat to national security” of the United States. In Germany, antivirus was strongly discouraged.

If the French ANSSI recognizes that there may be doubts about the Russian software, it has not yet taken a position. In any case, we advise you to turn to alternatives instead. You can see our antivirus comparison here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Kaspersky cost?

In fact, there is not a single price for Kaspersky antivirus. Prices range from 19.99 euros per year to 69.99 euros per year for Kaspersky Total Security. In our opinion, this version is the most efficient because it allows you to protect several devices at the same time. Here is a quick price comparison for carrying out a Kaspersky test at home:

  • Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac: 39.99 euros per year
  • Kaspersky Total Security: 69.99 euros per year for all operating systems
  • Kaspersky Security Cloud Personal: 41.99 euros per year
  • Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection: 24.95 euros per year
  • Kaspersky Password Manager: 13.99 euros per year
  • Kaspersky Safe Kids: 14.99 euros per year

Is there a free version of Kaspersky?

Yes. There is a free version of Kaspersky antivirus. Unfortunately, this is limited in time since you can only use it for 30 days. As you can guess, that’s not enough time to get an idea about the product. Indeed, running a Kaspersky test for viruses in your documents already takes some time. There are also features like GPS child tracking that you’re probably not going to use all the time.

To form your own Kaspersky opinion, it is better to decide to choose a paid version. The advantage is that you will therefore have plenty of time to discover each solution in the software suite, and there are many of them. But it doesn’t matter if your budget is limited, since as you may have read there are very affordable packages.

What is Kaspersky’s virus detection rate?

The virus detection rate at Kaspersky is 99.9%. So you can tell yourself that Kaspersky recognizes almost all malware. Moreover, the feedback from most cybersecurity experts confirms this information (example here). PC Magazine for example, awarded the editorial choice to Kaspersky, while AV-TEST awarded it the title of top product. AV comparatives, another antivirus expert, named it the product of the year 2020.

Is Kaspersky compatible with Windows 11?

Kaspersky is compatible with Windows 11, on Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo and Acer. To find out which version of Windows is running on your PC, go to the settings. Note also that Kaspersky is also compatible with older versions such as Windows 10 and Windows 8.

Can I install Kaspersky on a Samsung?

You can easily form your own Kaspersky opinion by downloading the app to your Samsung. Most models are eligible because they are equipped with the Android operating system created by Google. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip are among them. The Kaspersky antivirus test is also launched on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and on the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus. To do this, you must install Kaspersky from the Google Play Store.