It’s more convenient…Android 13 will immediately put the QR Code scanning feature right from the Lock Screen.

Nowadays, no matter where you go, you can only see QR Codes everywhere…because it increases the convenience of paying for products for both sellers and customers. Whether it’s a rice and curry shop, a fast food shop, a grocery store, or even a cart stall, there are also stalls. It can also be used for scanning to do anything other than pay. But it is attached to some mobile phones. Before you can find an app that can scan QR Codes, you’ll have to tap several times before you can find them. But these problems will disappear in the Android 13 system because we will be able toOpen the camera and scan the QR Code right from the Lock Screen.

Scanning QR codes for mobile phones from manufacturers usually includes a QR code scanner built into their camera app. But when you want to scan, you have to open the camera app and select the QR mode again, which is a new feature of Android 13 that will allow users to open the QR code scanner to the lock screen, which will reduce the process. again Because just pick up the phone, turn on the screen, and immediately select the scan mode.

At this time, there is only a leaked image of the setting to open Show QR Scanner in the Settings page only. There is no way to see where on the lock screen. Actually where the QR Scanner is. And will it be an app for scanning QR Codes specifically, or will you use Google Lens?

In addition, if someone doesn’t scan a QR code so often that they have to put it on the Lock Screen, Android 13 also has the option to put the QR Scanner on the Quick Settings bar. Drag the top bar down to see. Option to open camera to scan

Android 13 Quick Settings bar

for this feature Might not be wow for some people who use mobile phones whose UI can easily open the QR Code scanner (like MIUI has been able to open the scan from the Quick Settings bar for a while), but for those who use hands Hold a style with a bare UI, you should like this feature.

source: Androipolice