It’s harder to change your browser in Windows 11

It's harder to change your browser in Windows 11

Microsoft knows what’s best for you. At least, that feeling is somewhat emerging. Changing browser in Windows 11 has been made more difficult.

We all probably have our favorite internet browser. For one, that’s Chrome, another swears by Firefox, and yet another by Safari. It’s just what you feel comfortable with. You have the freedom to use a browser. However, Microsoft plans to push its own agenda on Windows 11 when it comes to the browser.

According to The Verge, it has been made more difficult in Windows 11 to switch browsers. Companies like Mozilla, Opera and Vivaldi would be concerned about that. Unlike Windows 10, 11 doesn’t have an easy button to permanently set a third-party browser as your preferred app.

Instead, you have to set per file which browser to use. Unnecessary hassle and tedious to set up. You basically only have to do it once. Yet it is irritating. For example, for well-known applications such as HTML, PDF, HTTP, HTTPS and more, you have to separately set that you want them all open in Chrome, for example.

By making it more difficult, Microsoft naturally hopes that in Windows 11 you will just stick with the browser they serve you. Whether this will change before the release of Windows 11 remains to be seen. This seems to be the new path that Microsoft has deliberately taken.