ISO Windows 11 – Direct download of the official ISO

You have probably read my article which explains how download windows 11 ? This new post will focus on downloading the Windows 11 ISO

Windows 11 ISO allows you to free installation of Windows 11 on your computer. It is also necessary for repair windows 11 or else from switch from Windows 10 to Windows 11

Here is our our special page dedicated to the different Windows 11 isos

Foreword on Windows 11

Windows 11 and the ISO currently offered is a “final” version. This is obviously an ISO Windows 11 in French!

It is not recommended to update your computer to Windows 11. I advise you to test Windows 11 on another (test) computer or on a virtual machine.

For the moment Microsoft is setting the bar high enough on the prerequisites, the most problematic remains the TPM 2.0 chip, remember to activate this chip in the UEFI of your computer.

The final version is very fresh, some bugs may occur.

The version offered is the official version of Microsoft.

Download Windows 11 ISOs in French

ISO direct link WINDOWS 11 FR

The proposed iso was downloaded from the official Microsoft website. It is therefore a healthy ISO and which allowsinstall a Windows 11 Home or Professional version.

To download the ISO from our own platform, just click on the following button:

Download Windows 11 Final Version

Procedure to download Windows 11 from Microsoft

Microsoft offers the download windows 11 from its official page:

download windows 11
Microsoft’s official page. You must choose Windows 11 and the language FR

By clicking on the 64-bit Download button the Windows 11 ISO download starts

What can you do with the Windows 11 ISO?

Thanks to ISO you can:

For upgrades just click on the setup.exe file of your ISO a wizard will offer to update your Windows while retaining the data.

Obviously it will take back up your computer if you want to update, you have to be careful.

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