iPhone: see connection sharing consumption

Data sharing is a very practical feature when you are on the move, without public or private wifi access, and when you need to use your laptop or tablet. Mobile telephony packages today offer tens of GB of internet, in 3G / 4G and soon 5G, a godsend for the most nomadic.

Creating a connection share is done in a few clicks and we often forget that the plan is not unlimited. If the quotas are large (5GB, 20GB, 50GB, 100GB…), the fact remains that these limits can be quickly reached if we watch a lot of videos on Youtube, series on Netflix, online video games, movie or music downloads, etc. These are the types of content that consume the most bandwidth on the internet. This tutorial explains how monitor the amount of GB of the 3G / 4G / 5G plan used for mobile tethering, on iPhone and iPad (iOS).

With this information, you may limit access to your children, your spouse or passing friends!

See the amount of GB of iOS tethering (iPhone, iPad)

1. Open the Settings of the device.

iOS settings settings iPhone iPad

2. Go to ” Cellular data »Then go down to see this information:

iPhone tethering iOS quota

3. The amount of shared GB is displayed. If the line does not exist, it means that no connection sharing has been done during the current period.

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