IPhone 5 and 5s differences

Old models iPhone but which still sell well on the second-hand market. To afford a mobile Apple at less than 100 €, there are not too many solutions: buy an old model or take a newer generation but with a serious problem, usually a broken screen or a damaged motherboard. For a few tens of euros, therefore, buying a second-hand iPhone 5 or 5s may be a good plan. Here are the differences to note between the two models to make the right choice, on leboncoin or elsewhere.

Recognize an iPhone 5 from a 5s

The shape of the camera flash

A difference that is quick to highlight. An iPhone 5 has the round flash while an iPhone 5s has an oval flash, almost twice the size. It is called Flash True Tone but it is not written anywhere.

iphone 5 5s flash camera

Touch ID

The iPhone 5s introduced fingerprint recognition on the Home button. As for him, the iPhone 5 “short” is not equipped with the Touch ID fingerprint reader. No aesthetic difference but we can check it in the iOS settings to configure the security of the phone. If the Touch ID option appears, it is therefore a 5S.

A7 processor

A6 chip for iPhone 5, A7 for iPhone 5s. Each new generation of iPhone comes with a new generation of Apple processor, which is faster and more energy efficient. But it’s not a difference that you can see in a matter of seconds.

IOS version

In addition to the hardware differences indicated above, it is also necessary to take into account the maximum version of the Apple iOS mobile system supported by the devices:

  • iPhone 5 : iOS 10.3.3
  • iPhone 5c : iOS 10.3.3
  • iPhone 5s : iOS 12.4 (12.4.2)

The iPhone 5s therefore does not receive iOS 13 released in September 2019, but the iPhone 5 “simply” stagnates at iOS 10 which was updated until 2017 only. Two years of updates therefore separate an iPhone 5 from a 5s. Despite its small screen compared to current smartphones, the main software difference of the iPhone 5, 5s and 5c is therefore the supported iOS version and third-party applications. With a system stuck at iOS10, an iPhone 5 or 5c will have a shorter lifespan than the 5s because apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder or Snapchat will stop working on older iOS versions. We cannot exactly conclude thatan iPhone 5 “short” will have a lifespan of two years less than the next generation 5s, but if third-party apps are important to you or your child, that’s a point to consider. On the other hand, if the iPhone is only used for telephoning, sending messages, taking photos and sharing them, consulting a web page from time to time, collecting emails: an iPhone 5 may be sufficient for this use.