iOS 15 tip: give Safari on your iPhone (or iPad) its own wallpaper

Did you know that you can give Safari in iOS 15 a nice wallpaper? We show you how to adjust the background of Safari on your iPhone (and iPad!) to your liking.

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Safari in iOS 15: use your own wallpaper

There are many useful options in iOS 15 that make your iPhone and iPad a lot better. For example, think of Live Text or that you can even set a notification to warn you when it is going to rain. However, there is more in the update to iOS 15, because it is now also possible to use your own wallpaper in Safari, for example. You do this in the following way.

safari wallpaper

Wallpaper Safari in iOS 15 on your iPhone

  1. Open Safari on the iPhone and tap the tab icon at the bottom right;
  2. Tap the plus sign at the bottom left and scroll down;
  3. Tap ‘Edit’ and turn on the slider at ‘Background image’;
  4. Select one of the available images or choose your own by tapping the plus sign;
  5. Now when you return to Safari you will see that the browser has the chosen background.

On the iPad, the steps are slightly different. There, open Safari and tap the tab icon at the top right. Then tap the plus sign next to it and choose ‘edit’ on the tab. Then you can also set the wallpaper here at ‘Background image’.

Remove Wallpaper in iOS 15 Safari

Do you not find the wallpaper quite your thing, or would you rather get rid of it again? Then follow the steps above and choose a different image at ‘Background image’. You can also remove the background completely by turning off the slider at ‘Background image’.

Here you will find the most beautiful wallpapers for your iPhone

Not only Safari can give you a nice wallpaper. It is also possible to provide your iPhone with a nice background. Every week we have put together a collection of the best wallpapers for you.

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