Introducing 20 popular WEBTOON, romantic, comedy, and drama to read and enjoy this long weekend.

on this weekend Who is waiting to see the series on air and has nothing to do? I recommend you to click into this article. Because the author has compiled comics in the popular Webtoon for everyone to read up to 20 stories long!!! which has both romantic comedy, comedy, comedy, tears to the drama I can tell you that I enjoyed Ploenchit until my eyes had to beg for life for sure.

The story of the Mingye doll (White-pink doll) that brings the hot young star “Nam Do Yoon” to come under the control of “Lee Ji On”, a normal girl who has a career as a part-time worker in a supermarket. which she can order him everything Regardless of whether to come immediately, to do this pose must be done. I don’t know whether to laugh or feel sorry for the heroine.

number of episodes : Season 1 has 57 episodes and Season 2 has started.

update date : Every Tuesday

Anyone who likes to read retro-style comics, try to come and read this. The story of a young office worker who gets into an accident and wakes up in a fictional world. And also become the villain of another story. This time, she asked to use the crisis as an opportunity. Let’s turn the role to be in my own style!!!

number of episodes : Currently 43 episodes

update date : Every Monday

A retro webtoon with stunning visuals. Comes with an intense drama storyline. Soru’s story a girl named “Haunted Princess”, whoever takes care of her will have a horrible death by a ghost. And the poor thing was that the princess was blind and heard the sound of the devil all the time until her people were imprisoned and forgotten by the king in the palace. On the other hand, she was also arrested and married to a selfish general. He also allowed him to use her blood to treat the sickness of the eldest in the palace in exchange for power.

Number of episodes : Currently 14 episodes

Update date : every tuesday

4.Sixth Sense kiss (7.7 M views, 205,957 followers )

story of jesul A young girl who can foresee the future through a “kiss”. One fine day, she falls head over heels and kisses her ruthless boss, Cha Min Woo. Makes me not think at all because of the picture that I saw in the future It’s a picture of you and him hugging each other sweetly in bed. Plus I don’t wear clothes! how is it possible Currently biting like 🐶 and Yesul doesn’t like the manager’s face. (PS. This story, the heroine is very funny. I almost laughed like crazy. Most recently, it was made into a series. Get ready to see it on Disney+ soon.)

Number of episodes : Currently 44 episodes

Update date : every saturday

Let’s move on to the story of revenge that touches my heart very much. Kang Ji Won, a middle-aged woman dying of cancer. Polling was also caught cheating on her husband’s relationship with his best friend. After a long debate Her husband had stumbled upon her and killed her. But God isn’t always mean. She opened her eyes and saw that Reincarnated back in time 10 years before marrying this unlucky husband. This time, the new Jiwon won’t let anyone else hurt him again.

Number of episodes : Currently 13 episodes

Update date : every thursday

This cartoon contains violence and school bullying. Please use discretion when reading. A story of chaos that followed the 2011 enactment of a law banning students from punishing students. The student victims also suffered pitifully. Over time, the story began to multiply more and more violently, causing the Ministry of Education to be unable to bear it. Send the reform team to manage it.

Number of episodes : Currently 65 episodes

Update date : every sunday

Anyone who lacks sweetness and wants to add juicy sugar, I recommend you to read this story. The story of Han Ya Li, a master’s degree student who attaches the position of teaching assistant to a handsome but fierce professor. Master Zhong, too. At first, she was very embarrassed to work with him, really didn’t want to see her face, but like any type of hate, it was always like that. She happened to have to live in the same rented room as him. Plus, as the days go by, both of them begin to panic. Until he released his mind to create a one-night stand.

Number of episodes : Currently 88 episodes

Update date : every saturday

Kim Min Joon, a handsome news anchor who loves girls all over the city, including ordinary college student Ye Seul, is also Min Joon’s mother fanatic. Ye Seul’s life is different from a young newscaster like the sky and the abyss. She was working part-time next to a television station. And that made him meet a reporter that she secretly screamed for a long time. But…why does the real Minjoon look so cold? Plus, it’s not cute to talk about. It’s so heartbreaking 😫

Number of episodes : Currently 62 episodes

Update date : every wednesday

Let’s continue the story of fun and drama together at this story. This time, it’s time to have a happy ending. Another cartoon that has a very beautiful picture. Lee Yeon Woo’s story A poor girl works as a servant of a high-class house. in which she accidentally became the wife of a cold vice president After being together for a short time, I felt that I wasn’t happy at all. So they agreed to divorce. Shortly after, her husband was hit by a car and died before his eyes. Yeon-woo felt guilty that this divorce was the cause of her husband’s death.

number of episodes : Currently 45 episodes

update date : Every Monday

Jindalle, a comic that is both fun to read, funny, and provides full knowledge on diet and exercise. The story of Yenari to get a room at a very cheap price complete facilities and does not collect common fees Sounds like it has all advantages. But when I actually try it, I find that her room has a secret staircase that connects to an all-female fitness!!! Oh, how embarrassing. Then Yenari asked to cancel the lease. But the tower owner offers a seemingly good exchange: he’ll be an exclusive personal trainer for her for 3 months free. Plus it’s pretty thin as well. You’ve got two advantages.

number of episodes : Currently 54 episodes

update date : Every Saturday

The long-established love story between Baek Joon Hee. A cute and lovable girl who lives with a kind grandfather, and Kang Lee Joon, a perfect handsome boy who likes to playfully provoke Jun Hee’s heart fluttering, and is also the son of Grandpa’s close caretaker. The two have known each other since childhood. and are also forced to marry other… with age difference So Lee Joon didn’t look at Junhee the way men look at women. And when did this little love interest begin?

number of episodes : Currently 83 episodes

update date : Every Thursday

12. Rak Tong Kad (7.9 M views, 254,676 followers )

Lee Chae Yi’s story Celebrities with unexplained severe headaches This caused her to act impolitely in front of fans and people on set unintentionally. Until one day, rising star Seo Yi Joon reveals himself to be a vampire. She was also able to cure her condition by biting her neck to suck the blood. Oh My God, Chae Yi didn’t have much choice and had to agree to all of Seo Yi Joon’s request. in exchange for the treatment of headaches

number of episodes : Currently 37 episodes

update date : Every Wednesday

13.Blooming Days ( 2.6 M views, 78,459 followers)

Blooming Days, a Thai webtoon that creates a story so smooth that it melts your heart into water. Tulip’s story Every evening a high school girl waits for her brother to come home under the university building. Which is why she meets “Sister Chen”, her brother’s close friend who is many years older than her. With Brother Chen’s warmth and kindness Make tulips fall in love irresistibly But with the difference in age and gap, flirting with Chen is like a heavy battle for Tulip.

number of episodes : 33 endings

The story of a child artist preparing to debut. I met a mysterious cabinet under the dormitory. This cabinet can provide what everyone wants. causing enchanted humans to come in and try to press things at this cabinet without thinking about the condition that if within 7 days those people refuse to return the goods The cabinet will be the party to take it back.

number of episodes : 192 episodes

update date : Every Tuesday

Let’s move on to the heart-warming manga. Wi Sung Eun, a lonely girl who wants to be close friends with Goo Bong. A shy, small-spoken young man who studied tutoring together. Wanting to be friends, Sung Eun invites Goo Bong to go home together. Which takes 30 minutes from school to home, and this short time makes them get to know each other better until it becomes a romantic 30 minutes 😆

Number of episodes : 159 episodes

update date : Every Tuesday

16. Shinbee (11 M views, 265,458 followers)

A romantic fantasy cartoon that has a very beautiful picture. The story of Li Garam, a 20-year-old boy who lives with his adoptive family and wants to be separated one day and lives alone. For this reason, the elder uncle asked him to come to the old house in the countryside for some reason. which allows him to meet a strange and beautiful creature named “ShinB”

Number of episodes : 93 ending

Anyone who likes to watch movies I have to read this. The story of a young girl who wakes up and finds herself in a world of fiction that has been read through her eyes. which at first she thought it might just be a supporting character does not play any important role Let’s go back and find a better way back to the world. But…why does the heroine come to sleep next to me?

Number of episodes : 84 episodes

Update date : every sunday

Have you ever felt the same? When watching a series or reading a novel that has both the protagonist and the secondary Then you will feel that the good secondary monk is so pathetic about everything, let him die ! Like this heroine who felt pity for Phra Rong until she slipped into the world of fiction. Being in the form of the youngest princess of a small country, of course, every character who saw them was happy and living the life of a novel. Except for the one monk who was lonely all the time…

number of episodes : 61 episodes

update date : Every Friday

19.Pastel Love ( 9.3 M views, 206,066 followers)

Come to the cartoon LQBTQ+ in a clear, easy read, Millie’s story. A child with a golden spoon was born. Her life had everything she wanted. except when living together with parents Turning Millie into a child who lives day to day with no aim. But then her boring normal days changed. When I met Zen A young girl with determination and determination to study with great energy. who always makes Millie’s heart skip a beat

Number of episodes : 59 episodes

Update date : every friday

Let’s end with the story of “Baek Kang Hyuk”, a brutal surgeon who is nicknamed Mad dog of the surgeon circle of the accident department. that he tried to change the rotten social system that was the cause of the deaths of many of the patients he treated. Let’s come and try to help Doctor Kang Hyuk together in the hour of cheating death.

Number of episodes : SS 1 has 64 chapters and SS 2 has 44 chapters.

Update date : every friday

Webtoon compiled by the author of all 20 stories, including drama, action, romance, comedy (maybe a bit romantic because I want readers to relax from stress from being tired all week) and if there is anything interesting to recommend, don’t forget to comment to talk. And if you finish reading it, it still doesn’t satisfy your heart. I recommend you to stop by at 15 cartoons below.