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Call the telephone number or free hotline or toll free (01800 – 0800) of interbank for information on schedules, programs, complaints/claims, questions, requests and others. The company has other channels in case of not being able to communicate on the customer service line. Below are the social media and website links. There you can also find telephone numbers, addresses, service centers, telephone banking, benefits, technical assistance, mortgage center, human resources, 24-hour service, soat vehicle insurance and other information about the company.

interbank (Banco Internacional del Perú, SA) (BVL:INTERBC1) is one of the main financial institutions in Peru. It is focused on providing innovative products and convenient, agile service to its more than 2 million customers. It has 275 financial stores, more than 1,900 ATMs, the largest network in Peru, and 3,000 Interbank correspondents. Agent nationwide. American ExpressWikipedia

Central Customer Service Telephone United States 800-992-3808

24 hour debit card contact numbers
Need to activate your card or change your PIN?

The card does not work?
Our fraud monitoring system may have detected possible fraud on your account and temporarily restrict the card. To report a false positive or check the status on your card, call 800-262-2024; or if you have a case number, call 877-253-8964.

Lost or stolen debit card?
Call immediately, 877-949-7200.

Peru Customer Service Call Center Number 311-9000

Hotline at the following locations: Ayacucho, Jr 9 de Diciembre 183 and Chimbote, Arequipa, Calle Mercaderes, Puno, Plaza De Armas, Jr. Deustua 342 +51 801 00802

Hotline at the following locations: Comas, Av. Victor Andres Belaunde 243 and San Isidro, Ovalo Gutiérrez, Huánuco, Huaraz, Jirón Jose de Sucre 320, Santiago de Surco, SODIMAC – Jockey Plaza, Cusco, Alfredo Yepes Miranda 6, Real square +51 1 3119000

Huacho, July 28 Avenue +51 960 075 379

Huancayo +51 950 518 734

Piura, Av Sánchez Cerro, Interbank – Plaza See +51 73 603435

Pucallpa, Antonio Raymondi +51 999 542 599

Tarapoto, Interbank Store Tarapoto +51 956 920 496

La Victoria, Mexico Avenue 558 +51 1 2192102

Lima: 0801-00802 if you are in the Provinces, or Telephone Banking for Companies: 311-9001 in Lima and in the Provinces at 0801-00801, 24 hours a day, every day of the year

Address: Arequipa, San Martin No. 400

Customer service operators are also available every day to attend to all your requirements and concerns. To obtain information about the company Interbank Factoring you can access:

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