Install Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10

The Windows photo viewer allows you to open Jpg, png or even JPEG files. Default on Windows 10 photos open with the Photos app.

On the Windows Serve versionsr you usually have the good old Paint application.

Know that it is possible to reinstall (activate) Windows Photo Viewer which was basic on Windows 7 or Windows 8. Here is the complete procedure.

In any case the Windows photo viewer has disappeared.

Video tutorial:

Why use Windows Photo Viewer?

The viewer was enabled as standard on older versions of Windows. Users have therefore become accustomed toopen photos, images with this app.

This procedure therefore makes it possible to keep the habits of your users and customers and to take advantage of Windows viewer.

Windows viewer presentation
This is what the “photo viewer” application looks like on Windows.

For professionals who offer solutions for remote desktops on Windows 2016 or Windows 2019 servers note that the procedure works for these versions too!

Step 1 – Modifying a registry key

To activate the viewer it is necessary to modify registry keys in the system. To make it easier, we offer you a package of 2 .reg files.

  • A file activates the photo viewer
  • A file is used to deactivate the photo viewer

Download Windows Viewer Package

Once the content has been downloaded, it must be unzipped.

In the folder click on the file activate-viewer.reg

activate windows viewer

Validate the modification of registry keys.

add windows registry key

register validation ok

No need to restart your computer.

Step 2 – Change the default application for image files

Now that we can select Windows Photo Viewer in apps, we need to set it as the default for different image files.

Make a right-click on image files then choose open with and finally choose other application:

open with another app

Then choose Windows Photo Viewer and always check open files with this app

always open file with windows viewer

Your files now open with Windows Viewer.

Repeat the operation on your different image file formats such as .png / .jpeg /.jpg

To go back you just have to use the file deactivate-viewer.reg

Note that there are other applications to open your photos like XnView for example.

The changes presented above may not work with future versions of Windows 10.

The procedure has been tested up to Windows 10 2004 (May 2020 version).

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