Install VLC to play all videos

The different versions of Windows come with different versions of software to play videos: Windows Media Player, Media Player, Media Center, Movies and TV. Each has its characteristics and supports different formats. It’s not always easy to get by between someone who reads DIVX and someone who reads DVDs. To put it simply, you might as well install a little software that reads everything: VLC. This open source application is the best known media player for playing DVDs, Bluray, video files from smartphones, cameras, cameras and downloaded movies.

VLC is software free and in french to play videos on computer.

Download VLC Media Player

1. Go to the VLC official website.

2. Click on the orange buttonDownload VLC »And do not click on anything on the page that opens, the download is done automatically.

download VLC 3.0

Install VLC software

1. Open file previously downloaded.

2. Follow the indications without modifying the options: ” French “, Following, Following, Following, To install.

3. At “End of installation of VLC Media Player”, click on Close, the software opens on its own.

4. Leave as is on this screen to validate “Authorize network access to metadata” and “Regular search for a VLC update”: To continue.

5. The software is now installed, there is nothing to configure to play a video.

tutorial to install VLC free video player french Windows

Configure VLC as the default player

For videos to open automatically with VLC software, you need to set the default application for the different types of video format.

1. Double click on a video file to open it: if VLC opens, no need to go further.
If a question is asked, go to the next step.
If Windows Media Player or other Windows software opens, close the program and do a right click on the video file, Open with, Choose another application.

tutorial to install VLC free video player french Windows

2. For Windows 10: select VLC media player, check “Always use this application to open files .MP4, MKV, AVI or other »And validate by okay. Other versions of Windows offer the same.

tutorial to install VLC free video player french Windows

3. From now on, all video files of this format will open with VLC.