Install uBlock Origin on Edge

The most popular type of extensions on internet browsers are ad blockers. And for good reason, against the installation of a simple free plugin, you avoid wasting 5 seconds at the start of each YouTube video, having to scroll through the internet pages to read interesting content or avoid an epileptic fit at each appearance. aggressive new on-screen advertising. Adblock Plus was a pioneer, uBlock has since dethroned it in terms of efficiency. This tutorial explains how to download and install uBlock Origin extension, ad blocker, on Microsoft Edge internet browser version 2020.

New software with new habits, the Microsoft Edge version 2020 browser based on Chromium allows the addition of extensions to optimize or personalize it. This tutorial for Protect Edge works with Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

Download uBlock Origin on Edge Chromium version 2020

1. Open the new version Edge browser on Windows 10, 8.1 or 7.

2. Click on this link to directly access the download of the uBlock Origin extension for Edge.

3. Click on the blue button « Get » :

tutorial download ublock origin edge 2020 ad blocker

4. Validate the installation of the extension by clicking on ” Add extension » :

tutorial download ublock origin edge 2020 ad blocker

5. A few seconds later, a message displays that the installation was successful:

tutorial install uBlock Origin on Microsoft Edge block ads

6. We find the icon ‘shield‘ from uBlock Origin in Edge’s menu bar:

ad blocker tutorial download ublock origin edge 2020

7. Internet browsing is now safe from malicious ads and also cleaner without those billboards.