Install an SD card in the Xiaomi Mi Home Security 360 camera

The Xiaomi Mi Home security 360° 1080p camera only worth 40€ and allows you to monitor your home or office very effectively. Only an electrical outlet or a simple USB socket is necessary to connect it since it is powered by a completely standard micro USB cable. In a very simple way, it is possible to be notified on your phone when movements are detected in the wide field of view of the camera. But to have access to a history of recorded photos and videos, it is essential to add a storage card to the camera. In the format micro SD, capacity up to 64GB, its installation is not complicated but one may not know how to do it. This tutorial explains how add a micro SD card in the Xiaomi Mi Home Security 360° 1080p surveillance camera.

If needed, here are two examples of micro SD card compatible with the Xiaomi webcam for a price of around 10€ in 32GB (Sandisk Where Samsung), or less than 15€ in 64GB (Sandisk Where Samsung). No preference between products that are of good quality and offer more than enough working speed for the small camera. You can buy them with your eyes closed, tens of thousands of positive reviews on Amazon confirm the quality of these microSD cards.

Xiaomi Mi Home Security 360: add a micro SD card

1. Unplug the camera from its power supply socket (the micro USB cable).

2. Raise the lens to discover the location of the Micro SD card.

3. Insert the microSD card in the direction shown in the image below: the mark above, the connector (printed circuit) below.

Xiaomi Mi Home Security 360 camera micro SD card

4. Reconnect the camera with its small USB cable.

Note: To remove the SD card, you will also first need to unplug the camera from its electrical outlet.