Instagram is working on an Edit Grid feature that allows you to sort your photos as you like.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a software developer specializing in reverse engineering. I found some internal code pointing out that Instagram is currently developing a “Grid Edit” option. Users can freely sort the pictures on their profile page. Just touch and hold, drag and drop to the desired location. In the same way that the icons on the home screen of Android and iOS systems add a new option from the current image sorting by post time.

Grid Edit can be useful in many ways depending on the application. Both for general users, artists and shops, for example, color control, product promotion product presentation, etc. In addition, Alessandro Paluzzi There’s also an option to permanently delete an Instagram account directly from within the app.

However, nothing can confirm that Instagram will officially enable the feature. Because in the past, not many features have been discovered in the background. But ultimately it wasn’t brought into the app even in the beta version. Therefore, we must continue to monitor the progress.

Source: Alessandro Paluzzi