Instagram fell! Unable to update news

Instagram down can not update the news

Can’t see new posts on Instagram? Do not despair, this problem has nothing to do with your mobile or Internet connection, because the social network Instagram went down in almost everyone.

As reported by thousands of users, Instagram is down so that news cannot be updated. The fall affects not only the news section of the social network, there are also problems in chats and publication of stories.

It’s not you! Instagram is failing globally

Unable to update Instagram news

At the moment, the social network has not commented on the subject, it was the users themselves on Twitter and Facebook who began to make publications about the current state of Instagram.

Based on what we’ve been able to find out so far, the bug appears to be almost everyone. Millions of users in Europe and America have confirmed that several Instagram functions are not operational.

Can you do something about it?

The quick answer to this question is “no”. Being a problem that is related to servers of the social network, there is little that can be done to try to solve the problem. When this type of service experiences problems of this type, 99% of the cases have to do with some internal failure.

Similarly, there are some tips you can follow to fix the main flaws of Instagram. From now on, we recommend that you update the app manually from the Google Play Store (if an update is available), and wait patiently until the engineers can repair the problem.