Improve the sound of your Android microphone with this application

Increase Android Microphone Volume

If the voice memos that you record with your Android sound very low, despite having the volume at maximum, you should know that you have a microphone problem. Likewise, this problem becomes evident when we make a phone call and on the other side they hear us with difficulty, even though we are speaking loud and clear.

In any case, we recommend you access the following link to know the 5 ways to fix the mobile microphone when it does not work. But if all you want is increase the volume of your Android microphone, then keep reading this post to know how to achieve it with the help of an application.

Microphone Amplifier: the app you need to increase the volume of the microphone

This application not only allows us to increase the volume of the microphone of our Android, but also improve sound quality of the same. It weighs very little and you can download it completely free from the Play Store.

Microphone Amplifier

How to increase microphone volume on Android with Microphone Amplifier

How to use Microphone Amplifier on Android

  • Open the Microphone Amplifier application on your Android.
  • Press the button Enter Amplifier.
  • In the section Audio Gain, slide the button to the right to increase the microphone volume, adding extra audio gain.
  • Press the button To turn off located at the bottom left of the app. That way, the changes will be saved and the volume of your mobile’s microphone will have already increased.
  • Press the Power button again when you want to remove the changes and leave your microphone as before.

Warning: Increasing the audio gain too much can damage the sound quality of the microphone. It is recommended to increase the audio gain to a value no higher than 25.

Now that you know how to increase the microphone volume on Android, you may also be interested in the tutorial at the following link: how to record with an external microphone on Android.