Illinois State Lottery Results- The Illinois lottery offers you many games to play the lottery. The games provided by the Illinois lotteries are Powerball, mega-million, lucky for life, lotto America, cash4life, 2by2, Tri-state lottery, All or nothing. You are free to play any of these games. The lottery players can instantly become millionaires by winning the lottery. The minors are not allowed to play the Illinois lottery games. It is legally permitted to only citizens who are 18 years and above 18 years of age.

The prizes offered by the Illinois lottery starts from one dollar, two dollars, three dollar, five dollars, and ranges up to one million dollars. One single lottery game is enough to make you a millionaire. The cash prize of six hundred dollars can be claimed from the Illinois lottery retailers. The more massive cash prize must be requested from the head office of the Illinois lottery.

illinois state lottery results
Illinois state lottery results

In this article, you will get a lot of information about the Illinois lottery, which will be very helpful for you to play the lottery. You will also get to know specific tips to select the lottery number, which will help you to win the Illinois lottery.

Illinois lottery Mobile Application

Illinois lottery application offers you real-time results for the draws of the lottery games. With this application, you have the probability of lottery winning numbers. All the Illinois games are available in this application, and the results of the drawings are updated within minutes. There are many excellent and attractive features offered by the Illinois lottery application. The features are like it searches for the past lottery results and specific dates. It also provides the statics of the lottery, including the hot and cold numbers and also the frequency of the numbers. It gives the news and updates about the occurrence of the lottery games. It alerts you about your favourite lottery games. You can also save your favourite lottery numbers.

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Illinois lottery application is straightforward to use and doesn’t have any complicated process. It has a very user-friendly interface. The navigation is honest and sincere.

How to Install the Illinois Lottery Application?

The process to download and install the Illinois lottery application is very simple and easy. We have given a step by step guide for you to download and install the Illinois lottery application. The only thing you have to do is to follow the step by step guide, and you are set to use the Illinois lottery application.

  • Step 1: go to settings and then on more, and then tap on the security of applications.
  • Step 2: check for the unknown sources and tap OK on the confirmation pop up that appears.
  • Step 3: return to the download page, click on download and install button to download the Illinois lottery application on your device.
  • Step 4: After the download completes, open the notification folder and tap on the Illinois lottery application. In case if you do not find the Illinois lottery application in your notification folder, then you can check in the download folder.
  • Step 5: Tap on install.
  • Step 6: After the application gets installed the tap on open to open the Illinois lottery application.
  • Step 7: now register and start to play the Illinois lottery games.

How to Play the Illinois Lottery Game?

To play the Illinois lottery game, the player will have to first choose the six numbers out of 52 numbers. Each ticket provides you with two lines per entry; players will have to select another set of six figures. Players also can choose the new shot numbers for each line from a range of 1 to 25 for a small additional cost.  This will increase the chances of winning the lottery prize. The players can choose their numbers, and if they don’t want to, they also can select the numbers randomly through a quick pick.

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To win the prize, the players will have to match two numbers upwards on the standard games or just the extra shot. The players without the extra ball have five chances to win the lottery prize. The winning award ranges from $1 to the jackpot. The players have with extra shot had eleven opportunities to win the prize with a 1 in 5 chances. So buying the extra ball can be beneficial to you to win the lottery prize.

The draws take place every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday night.  If you miss any draw, you can get the results on the official websites. It gives you very accurate results.

Tips to Select the Winning Lottery Numbers

You obviously must be looking for some tips to select the most effective lottery numbers. These tips will help you to choose the lottery number, which will increase your probability of winning the lottery.

  1. Try to avoid only high and only low numbers. There are almost zero chances for you to win the lottery by selecting only low or only high numbers. So choose the lottery number, which is a mixture of both low and high numbers.
  2. Try to avoid only odd and only low numbers. Only high and only small numbers occur very rarely, and it will prevent you from winning the lottery. So the best lottery number combination to win the lottery is to select the amount that is the mixture of both odd and even numbers.
  3. You have to avoid the numbers which have been drawn before. The players who want to bet on the winning numbers of someone else will certainly not win the lottery as the same winning lottery number combination cannot always be repeated. So to win the Illinois lottery selects the lottery number which has not been repeated and this increases your probability to win the lottery.
  4. Try to avoid pattern betting. Betting on the same pattern or a repeated pattern cannot be beneficial always. The same pattern cannot be repeated in every lottery game. So avoid betting on the repetitive pattern to increase your chances of winning the lottery.
  5. You should also try to avoid the numbers which are multiples of a single number as it is not possible to get the winning lottery numbers in the multiples of a unique number. You will not win the lottery if you select the number, which is a multiple of a unique name.
  6. Try to avoid the combination of numbers of the same last digit. Choosing the name with the same previous finger can always not be a good idea as you will not win the lottery games.
  7. You can also use the method of quick picks as quick pick selects the lottery numbers randomly. The random lottery number is automatically generated. If you choose the lottery number through quick pick and the winning lottery number are also drawn through quick pick then your chances of winning the lottery are quite high.
  8. Always keep a positive attitude while playing lottery games. Being positive will help you to win the lottery.
  9. Another way you will have to do is to keep a separate budget for playing the lottery games. You cannot put your financial status at risk. So continue a different budget to play the lottery games and to invest in the lottery.
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