Hyper-V for Windows 10 Free Download Latest Version [32 & 64Bit]

Hyper-V for Windows 10- Microsoft has made a lot of changes in the Hypervisor after the release of Hyper-V. Hyper-V is the major player in the world of virtualization. Microsoft is updated very frequently and many new updates are coming out which gives an extra ordinary experience to the user. The latest update of the Microsoft is the Hyper-V.

hyper-v for windows 10
hyper-v for windows 10

Hyper-V is a virtual machine that is included in the Windows 10 operating system. If you want to use virtual machines you need to have a virtualization enabled in your computer system. If you are doubtful that you have virtualization enabled or not then you can just try to install the Hyper-V by following the instructions which are given below. It the virtualization is not enabled windows will not allow you to install Hyper-V.

Hyper-V for Windows 10 Free Download Latest Version [32 & 64Bit]

Windows do not Hyper-V by default you will need to enable virtualization and install Hyper-V into your computer system via windows control panel. Hyper-V is one of the most favorite features present in windows of many users. Here in this article, you will find different information about the Hyper-V. Go through the article and feed yourself about the information on Hyper-V.

Features of Hyper-V

Hyper-V has many new and old features. Here you will see the important features of Hyper-V.

  1. Nested Virtualization offers you a chance to create a virtual machine with a hypervisor host. It works as a regular Hyper-V host. It can also be deployed to implement for testing purposes or use. This feature can be used for a testing purpose and for deploying in production.
  2. Hosts resource protection: host resources protection is a feature to protect from being 100% taken by one VM.
  3. Quickly creates and includes in the gallery.
  4. It also has a default switch for a easy networking.
  5. It is very easy to reverse the virtual machine to their start state.
  6. The host battery state is visible in virtual machines.
  7. The virtual machines are very easy to share.
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How to Install Hyper-V for Windows 10?

If you want to install Hyper-V for Windows 10, then we have the step by step guide for you which will help you to install Hype-V for windows 10.

Step 1: Check the requirements.

You will need the following requirements to download and install Hyper-V for Windows 10.

  1. Windows 10 operating system.
  2. You need a processor of 32 or 64 bit.
  3. CPU support for VM monitor model extension.
  4. You also need a minimum memory of 4 GB.

Step 2: Enable Hyper-V using power shell

Follow the below-given process to enable the Hyper-V using power shell.

  1. Open a power shell console as an administrator.
  2. Run the command which appears. Note:- if the command is not found make sure that you are running a power shell administrator.
  3. Reboot your computer after the installation has completed.

Step 3: Enable Hyper-V with CMD and DISM

Here we have the process to enable Hyper-V using DISM.

  1. Open a CMD session as administrator.
  2. type the following command

DISM /Online /Enable-Feature /All /Feature Name: Microsoft-Hyper-V

Step 4: Enable the Hyper-V role through settings

  1. Right click on the windows button and click on apps and features.
  2. Click on turn windows on or off.
  3. Select Hyper-V and click on ok.
  4. After the completion has completed you are asked to restart your computer.

Reasons for you to use Hyper-V for Windows 10

We have the best reasons for you to use Hype-V for windows 10.

  1. It runs any software that has an older version of windows or non-windows operating system.
  2. You can also experiment with other operating system.
  3. Hyper-V makes it very easy for you to create and remove different operating systems.
  4. You can test the software on multiple operating systems using multiple virtual machines.
  5. In Hype-V you can run all software’s on a single laptop or a computer.
  6. The export and import of any machine can be made possible in Hyper-V.
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Advantages of Hyper-V

You will find some of the advantages of Hyper-V.

  1. Customers are free to bring their own IP address and network topologies without making any changes to the data center of the network.
  2. It also provides cross-subnet live migration.
  3. It is capable of running multiple virtual networks on a physical network with overlapping IP addresses.
  4. It enables easier moves of services to a cloud.
  5. it is possible to more virtual machines to different virtual subnets or premises without requiring a change to the topology.
  6. It can set very easily setup with power shell or SCVMM.
  7. It is easily compatible with existing network devices.

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Disadvantages of Hyper-V

Here we have some of the disadvantages of Hyper-V.

  1. Microsoft’s is not capable of providing the level of support necessary to take full advantages of Linux container technology.
  2. Microsoft does not support every Linux distro.

Alternative of Hyper-V

If you are looking for an alternate for Hyper-V then you are at the right place.

  1. VirtualBox

Virtualbox is one of the most popular, free, and open source virtualization software. It is a very simple cross-platform that can be used for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Few features of VirtualBox are that you have the ability to take snapshots, seamless mode, support for shared folders, support for drag and drop, and it also has the ability to clone virtual machines. VirtualBox is very user-friendly and easy to use.

  1. VMware Player Lite

VMware Player lite is a basic version and is available for free. It is lacking many features like the ability to take snapshots, create clones, remote connections, advanced VM settings and so on. It is specially made for those users who want to try different things in this virtual world. It is very light and is user-friendly. If you want to use advanced features and better stability then it is better that you go for VMware Player Plus or VMware Workstation.

  1. Parallels Virtuozzo containers:
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Parallels Virtuozzo containers are mostly used by the host companies and have been around from quite a lot of time. it is a good choice of hosting.

  1. KVM (Kernel-Based Virtual Machine)

KVM (Kernel-Based Virtual Machine) is a complete virtualization solution for Linux and is mostly found on Linux Distros. It also fits perfectly into OpenStack. There are full and fully supported versions from Redhat. KVM is becoming popular each day and is trying to become one of the most used virtual machines. It, however, has some hosting limitations as well and is taken care by the OpenStack ability to support Hyper-V.


How to Fix the Errors in Hyper-V for Windows 10?

Here we have a few methods to fix the errors occurring during the Hyper-V for windows 10 installation.

  1. Failed to enable Hyper-V for Windows 10: this is one of the most common errors and it mostly occurs when your system does not have enough hardware requirements.
  2. Can’t enable Hyper-V for Windows 10: many users have a problem that Hyper-V cannot be installed for windows 10. This problem occurs due to the presence of third-party software. Once you remove the third party software then your system works perfectly.
  3. Hyer-V for windows 10 doesn’t install: if certain settings interfere with the system then Hyper-V for Windows 10 will not be installed. This problem can be fixed by running a few commands when the commands prompt.
  4. Can’t install Hyper-V platform, integration services: sometimes you can’t install Hyper-V for Windows 10 due to some errors on your computer. If you fix those errors then you can install Hyper-V on your computer.


Hyper-V is a virtual machine and you have learned almost everything about Hyper-V for Windows 10. Hope you have liked the information and you are prompted to use Hyper-V on your Windows 10 device and get the experience of the latest update of windows by Microsoft.

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