Huawei invests in chipset company in China hope to rise again after being hit by the United States

HUAWEI Technologies Co. has invested huge sums of money in the company. related to semiconductor equipment in China in hopes of returning to have a place in the chipset market again After being banned by the US government, firmware from the US or other nations that still use US intellectual property are prohibited. Dealing with HUAWEI, including TSMC, which is unable to manufacture Kirin chipsets for them.

Huawei launched an investment company called Hubble Technology Investment Co. in 2019, during which the US government banned Huawei from trading with the company. American contracts and others that still require US technology or patents, Hubble has already invested in 56 companies, according to market research firm Pitchbook. Nearly half of all investments were made in the past six months.

Most of the companies that Hubble have invested in It is related to almost all semiconductor devices. covering from the company rising star until the company at design software and chipset manufacturing equipment such as Jingtuo Semiconductor Technology Co., which maintains equipment used to keep chipsets clean; Xuzhou B&C Chemical Co., a major photoresists manufacturer in China; and RSLaser Opto-Electronics Technology Co. The high-powered laser in chipset production.

The reason why Huawei has accelerated investment in the chipset business of this size It came from the aftermath of the US government. Bans and restrictions mean they currently have no access to 5G-related chipsets and microprocessors, causing their smartphone sales to plummet. in the present

Huawei says they haven’t invited chipset engineers yet. And those engineers are working on designing new chipsets for HiSilicon, a subsidiary of HUAWEI, although no one is currently in charge of producing Kirin chips for them. due to the US government ban

Huawei believes it will overcome the obstacles and difficulties arising from the US government ban within the next two to three years.