How to watch TV channels for free with M3U Free IPTV?

You like watch TV channels for free ? You have your favorite TV shows, don’t you? Or You have your favorite TV channels, don’t you? So, imagine this: you are in front of your Computer or your Smartphone, you open the VLC Media Player software and in the blink of an eye, the TV channels are displayed for free thanks to an m3u file. Awesome isn’t it?

All this is possible thanks to the‘IPTV (Internet Protocol Television). In short, it is a system that allows you to watch TV using the Internet (an IP address). The easiest way to enjoy this famous IPTV is to use a M3u file.

You will have understood it… To benefit from IPTV (free), you have some prerequisites to respect, or at least some elements to put in place to benefit from it. For my part, I would advise you to use a M3u file to be able to take advantage ofFree IPTV. This m3u file, this is the only item you will need …

Oula oula… Calm down. I know you are wondering this: ” this guy tells us that it is possible to enjoy IPTV for free and that to get there we need to find an M3u file. But it doesn’t tell us what an M3u file is let alone where to find it.. “

Don’t worry guys, I’ll tell you right away … Before I tell you what a M3u file, know that you will find the best M3u files on the site What’s cool about this site is the fact that M3u files are stable and updated regularly. Just take used to come back regularly to find new files.


Let me answer the question: what is an M3u file …

In fact, there is not much to say on this level. I will give you a brief answer. No need to write a whole Harry Potter book just to explain an m3u file. It’s just a file like any other (pdf, docx, …) jump that it has its role and its peculiarity.

Well, let’s go for the short answer: a m3u file it is simply a file with the extension .m3u and which allows, once opened with specialized software, TV enthusiasts to view TV channels. An M3u file offers a playlist containing dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of TV channels from different categories or from a specific category, such as Sport for example.

Again, you will find these M3u files for free download on the site, the best of its kind.

I am smart. From the start of the article I did my best to talk to you discreetly about the site so that, when we get to that level, the site is not new to you 😉.

Since you have a little idea about DownloadIPTV, we are now going to go further on the discovery of the site to see what it really offers, how does it offer it and at what pace does it do it …

1 – Download M3u files for Free IPTV

As I told you a little earlier, the site regularly offers its visitors M3u files which contain TV channels:

  • From France: TF1, France 2, France 3, France O, France 24,…
  • The United States
  • From Portugal
  • From BeIn Sport channels
  • Arab channels
  • Of Germany
  • From Spain
  • Sports channels
  • Netflix shows

The site DownloadIPTV offers download links in articles. Just open the article of your choice, scroll down, and click the blue button to start downloading the file.

After a while (24 hours, 48 ​​hours or 72 hours) the file will expire and the channels will no longer be played. All you have to do is come back to the site and upload a new file, and so on.

3 – What is the pace of content publication …

On, the pace of content publication is regular. New m3u files are added daily or every two or three days. All you have to do is make a habit of coming back from time to time. to find files that work.

As I told you a little earlier, a m3u file will allow you to watch TV channels for free. All you need is specialized software or application to open this file.

I recommend the famous software that you all know:

  • VLC Media Player (PC and Smartphone)
  • Cherry Player (PC)
  • Perfect Player (Smartphone)

To open an m3u file with VLC on a PC for example, all you have to do is right click on it, and click on Open with and choose VLC. On Android and iOS it is also the same principle, just open the m3u file with VLC.

Once the file is opened, the first channel of the playlist will launch. To go to the next channel, just click on the button Next !


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