How to view YouTube video descriptions on PC

Each YouTube video has a description on the bottomWhen using the search engine and entering a video, a small part of the description will be shown, just click on “Show more” and the entire text box scrolls showing the description in its entirety.

In the same way, although a video has no description, the option to “show more” will always be available. Professional Youtubers, who use programs in video editing, always have a very detailed description of the video.

It is also very common to add other information, such as videos related to the topic, pages and even all the social media of the person posting the video, is a strategy to get a fan.

In the same way, publishers also add their electronic wallets for the purpose of receiving donations and thus keep YouTube channel active, this is possible because there is no law or restrictions on the descriptions.

description location on youtube video

What details do you see in a YouTube description?

The main thing in a description of a YouTube video is a summary of it. That is, the way of interpreting with letters what is shown in the video. But also many content editors use other details like:

URLs to download certain content

As YouTube does not have a free tool to download the videos, many Youtubers use external servers such as Google Drive, and when uploading a video to the YouTube channel they also upload it to the cloud, and this link add them in the description of the video.

This has become very popular as a lot of users always leave a comment in order to get the video, that’s why URLs to download content are added To satisfy these needs, this according to the type of content, since for some videos it is not necessary.

The explanation of the video

It is always recommended leave an explanation of the videoMost of all for those tutorial videos, as a user must manipulate the video in order to learn the steps, and this causes the person to walk away. That is why if the explanation of the video is written, it will be easier when following instructions in a tutorial.

what is the description of a youtube video

exist very complicated words and more if they are commands for computers, names of pages or programs, therefore the importance of the explanation of the video in the description of the video.

The places where you can follow the channel

It is very common for a YouTube channel to have several associated social networks, in the description of the video the links of the profiles are added, so that when you upload new content to the YouTube channel, it will be automatically shared to these social networks.

So when a user is not active on YouTube, in the same way you can have information about the new video that has just been uploaded, either from Instagram or Facebook, it is even starting to add an invitation link for WhatsApp groups.

What is the way to view the description of YouTube videos from a PC?

Locate the YouTube video from your computer and at the bottom you will find a small part of the description, you just have to click on “Show more” and ready.

On mobile devices you must click on the “Down Arrow”In this way, the section with the description of the video uploaded to YouTube will be moved.

description of videos available on mobile

Why can’t I see the description of a video on YouTube?

Is very uncommon not being able to see video descriptions on YouTube, but if you run into these problems it may be due to the following causes:

If the channel is just beginning

The Youtubers who are starting to upload content almost they don’t use descriptionsThe reason is not yet known, but if you see a video does not have a description, look at the profile of the channel, if it is new it is normal that you do not see the description.

Browser problem

The “Show more” tab is sometimes not displayed, and this it is due to browser compatibility, either because of some add-on or extension that you need, or on the contrary that of problems.

You can do a test in other browsers to locate which is the one that gives the error, although Google Chrome is the most recommended, it is said that Edge and Firefox are perfect for streaming platforms.

Check for errors in your firewall

If your Firewall has blocked aspects of your browser, you may find several errors when browsing, among these not seeing the description in the YouTube videos, the solution is reinstall the browser and check that it is legitimate, so that the firewall does not take it as corrupt.

What is the way to know if the video has no description?

If a video It has the “Show more” tab From a computer then it does not have a description assigned, but if you enter a video and we do not see the “Show more” tab, it is because they present an error on your device and it is possible that there is a description but you cannot see it.

It is important to know that in Windows XP video descriptions can no longer be viewed, and will even be removed from Windows 7, so it is recommended to update your operating system so that it is compatible with the new YouTube interface.