How to view Instagram photos via Chromecast on my TV?

We would all like to be able to see the content of our mobile gallery on the big screen of our TV, be it photos or videos. Doing this is possible if we have a Chromecast device installed on our television. Without a doubt, one of the contents that we would like to project is the Reels or photos we have on the Instagram social network. Join us to discover how to view your Instagram photos via Chromecast on your television.

Of course it is possible to transmit the information from any application you have on your mobile device through Google Home. Since in Google home you can see the transmission options it offers through the Chromecast device. Today there are already multiple applications that in their root configuration have the option to transmit through Chromecast.

On the other hand, other applications will need to carry out certain procedures to to transmit the information to our television, using a Google Chromecast device, including Instagram what we will be learning in this topic.

chromecast connected to tv

How to share what I want to show on my Chromecast from my computer?

With our Chromecast device installed on our TV, we can share from our PC the content we want on television, which includes that of your social networks as in the case of Instagram. To do so, we must open the official Instagram website from our Chrome browser, log in to our account to access all the information that we have stored on our social network.

Once we log in we go to the top of our screen where we will see the three dots that indicate the configuration menu of our Instagram account. Now we choose the Send option, later among the shipping options that we will see we select use Chromecast device. In this simple way we can project the content of our social network Instagram from our computer on our television screen.

The same can be done with any social network to which we log in From our PC, whether they have a Windows or Linux operating system, we can transmit any content that we have on them, using the Chromecast device we can easily and quickly project to our TV.

From Facebook Watch

In case we have in our house with a smart tv device It will be much easier to be able to view all the content of our social networks, for example in the case of Facebook and Instagram. To do so, we can download the TV Facebook Watch application on our Smart TV. Once we download the application and install it on our television, we must go to its configuration, press the Continue option, by doing this we will see a code appear on the screen.

Once we observe said code, we open the application on our mobile, click on the notification that will appear at the top of it, then select Approve and finally Continue. In this way we will linked our mobile device, so we can view all the multimedia content that we have shared on this social network.

chromecast device in its box

To be able to visualize our applications as in the case of Instagram on our television we must mirror mobile screen via Chromecast. This is done once we have also installed and have created an account in Google Home. Once you have Google Home, we can access our Chromecast device through its configuration. With which it will allow us, among its options, to configure the screen sharing option.

When we enter our Google Home account We must look for the screen sharing option in the configurations, in this way we are going to locate the Chromecast option among the options. First of all we want to make sure that both our mobile device and our Chromecast are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Therefore, if necessary, you must change the Wi-Fi network of your Chromecast device since in this way we can do the linking both devices and we can duplicate the screen of our mobile that is to say, what we will see on our mobile at the same time we will be able to observe it on the screen of our TV.