How to use YouTube Studio correctly? – Manage your channel

If you already have a channel on YouTube, it is very likely that you have noticed that in the options it’s found YouTube Studio, Surely you have not used it because you do not know anything about it, do not worry about that here we will explain what it is for and how to use it.

How are YouTube and YouTube Studio different?

YouTube is a platform where we can find and share videos, documentaries, music. It is also used for advertising with marketing for influencers or companies, through this the owners of said companies can publicize their brands through this online presence.

YouTube Studio is one of the Google related tools for the development and administration of a channel, that is, it makes it grow in the community and generate money.

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Between tool state differences we can find the following:

  1. On YouTube anyone can create a channel in which they can upload videos, these videos will be shared and seen by the people who want it.
  2. YouTube study for its part is the tool that helps analyze the information of the videos that are uploaded to YouTube, this tool offers techniques for making videos, that is, YouTube Studio manages YouTube.
  3. In YouTube it is the videos as well as the events that highlight a channel, YouTube Studio is in charge of scheduling videos.
  4. YouTube Studio makes YouTube channel information available to others.
  5. YouTube is supervised by YouTube Studio.

How to upload a video from YouTube Studio?

Below we will show you the steps you must follow:

  1. Enter the official page of YouTube Studio.
  2. In the superego corner of your screen is the Create option, click on it.
  3. Now click on Upload videos.
  4. Select the article you want to upload to YouTube Studio.
  5. Click on the Edit option to edit the details of the video you are uploading.
  6. Press on publish and that’s it.

What basics should you know before learning to use YouTube Studio?

YouTube Studio was designed in order to manage YouTube channels, that is, through it pWe can view and edit some functionsAmong the functions that this app shows you, we can find the following:

Enter your panel from your profile

You can enter the panel of your channel from your profile, in this panel you can find a count of subscribers, all the uploads you have made, as well as you will find all the outstanding comments that they have left on your channel or videos that is, this panel will show you a summary of all the information of your channel. There you can edit what you want. YouTube can also edit and hide the likes and dislikes.

use youtube studio to create content

Find the notifications

YouTube Studio notifies you when the subscribers of your channel increase or decrease, in them you will also find when they do comments on your YouTube channel. You can edit these notifications that is, you can control the notifications you receive.

Example if you want avoid receiving comment notifications you must follow the following steps:

  1. Open YouTube Studio.
  2. Click on the icon of the three stripes located on the screen.
  3. Now click on the gear icon.
  4. In the notifications option, press or mark only the types of comments you want to receive.
  5. Click on save and for the edit to take effect.

If you want dismissing notifications is also possible, you just have to do the following:

  1. In the corner of the screen you will find the notification counter, click on it.
  2. Select the notifications you want to delete and then click on delete to finish.

manage videos from your channel

Enter statistics

YouTube Studio also shows you channel owners statistics In other words, said owners are shown a data analysis based on the information provided by YouTube. To view these statistics, you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Enter YouTube studio.
  2. Press on the icon of the three stripes that is located on the screen, then click on the Analytics option.
  3. At the top you will find the following tabs, click on them to display the information for each of them:
    • General description, in this tab you can find the information of:
      • Main videos uploaded to your channel.
      • The I like you and I don’t like you received.
      • The views received in real time.
      • The latest videos uploaded.
    • Income, In this tab you will find all the pertinent data of the income of your channel received from the following movements or actions:
      • Transactions.
      • Announcements made.
      • The videos that have received the most income.
      • Estimated income.
    • Play list, here you find:
      • The times they have seen your videos.
      • The average time of the playlists.
      • The most viewed reproductions or videos.
    • Public, in this tab you will find the audience that your channel has received.

youtube studio mobile app

What is the process to use Youtube Studio correctly?

YouTube Studio can be used through computers as well as mobile devices, Here’s how to do it:

From computer

  1. Go to the official YouTube Studio page.
  2. You can place a profile photo in this account, for them you must go to the top of the screen and click on the profile icon, select a photo on your computer and upload it to your channel.
  3. You can too put dark mode on your channel To reduce the reflection of the screen, to achieve this you must click on your profile photo, select the appearance option and then select the dark mode option.
  4. To learn more about YouTube Studio go to the top of the screen:
    • To search your videos, press in magnifying glass icon, put the name of your video and know all the data of that video.
    • If you want to get help, click on the question mark icon.
  5. To visit your channel, click on the profile iconIn this same menu you will find the option to exit to return to YouTube.
  6. In the menu on the left you can find all the options for manage your channel.
  7. To manage a video you must go to a specific video, press the thumbnail of the video, here you can change the name of the video, the description, here you can delete a video from your channel although from YouTube you can also delete videos from your channel.

From mobile application

  1. The first thing is download on App Store or Play Store the YouTube Studio app.
  2. To place a profile photo in this account you must click on the icon in the profile icon, select a photo on your phone and upload it to your channel.
  3. To manage your channel you must display the menu that is located on the left side, here you will find the statistics, notifications and a panel with all the your channel information.
  4. To manage videos you must search for it through the magnifying glass icon, after finding it you will be able to modify the name and description You just have to click on the icon with its respective name.

manage your channel with youtube studio

Copyright Match Tool is the tool used to identify if the video you are going to upload matches other videos that are already on YouTube, if one of the videos you upload matches one that is already on this website it does not mean that you are infringing your copyright When the match is identified, you can examine it in YouTube studio to select the action you should take.

To use this tool you must follow the following steps:

  1. Enter Youtube studio.
  2. Click on the menu on the left side, there you must select the option Copyright.
  3. Now you must click on the option Matches.
  4. Analyze the videos that match yours.
  5. Select the box next to the video you want to take measurements, press the measurement you want to take, these measurements can be:
    • File: if you check this box the match will be archived and will remove the match from the tab.
    • Communicate with the channel: If you press this option, you will be redirected to a space to send an email to the person who has uploaded the video that matches yours.
    • Request for deletion: Pressing this option will generate a request to delete the video that matches yours.

Is it possible to broadcast live from YouTube Studio?

If it’s posible stream live from YouTube Studio, the steps you must follow to do this are the following:

  1. You have to have a Google account and a YouTube channel.
  2. You must have software that is coded for it live.
  3. Configure the broadcast on YouTube, for this you must click on the plus icon and then on Create, now you must click on broadcast live.
  4. After that you enable to broadcast live you can start.