How to use Windows 11 on your Mac

How to use Windows 11 on your Mac

You will soon be able to run Microsoft Windows on your Mac with version 11. That’s how it works.

MacOS is a wonderful system and comes with every Mac, but Windows also has its advantages. For example, playing games is a lot better on Windows. Professional users also often benefit from using both operating systems. By running them both on a laptop, you don’t need two.

Windows 11 on Mac

Windows 10 can already be run on Mac via Bootcamp. If you have a Mac with an M1 chip, you have to rely on a virtual environment such as Parallels. That’s because Boot Camp does not (yet) support an ARM version of Windows. Now it has been announced that Windows 11 is also coming to Mac. This can be done via Parallels Desktop 17. Both Intel and M1 Macs will receive support for this upgrade.

Things will also run smoother if you still use Parallels 16 on your M1 Mac. For example, DirectX works 11 to 28 percent smoother. In addition, Windows 10 boots up to 33 percent faster via Parallels 17.

Parallels isn’t the only way to run Windows on your Mac M1. There are alternatives in other forms. For example via Wine or CrossOver. Hopefully, Microsoft will also come up with a package to use Boot Camp again for Windows on Mac. That would be easiest.