How to use WhatsApp on Linux to talk to your contacts from my PC?

One of the favorite applications and with a good number of users is WhatsApp, since it is possible to have it on different devices without much problem… However, if you have a computer whose operating system is Linux, here you are required to perform other steps so that you can have the app installed on your PC.

Since if you manage the app there are many benefits that are obtained, instead of doing it through the web version that sometimes does not have the same functions than those of the instant messaging platform. If you want to know how you can have it on your computer, then this material that you are going to read will be of great help to you, keep reading…

How to use WhatsApp web on Linux devices?

Just as this web version is used on any computer and regardless of the operating system they have, it is also how you can enter your WhatsApp account from PC, clearly being in the browser of your choice that you have installed on your computer.

First, you turn on the computer and open the browser you use the most or the one you have, then with the help of the search engine you place the name of the application and in the options that appear there you then choose the web version of the platform. Once inside it you get the start with a QR code which you should scan.

open whatsapp web

Continuing with the process, go to your phone and open the WhatsApp application, then press the three points that appear in the upper right corner, there you go to the linked devices section or website. When you click there, it appears for you to scan the code that is on the PC and the data is automatically synchronized and your account opens on the computer, where you can program your messages and chat as normal.

Pin the tab to close

Once you have opened your session on the computer, it will be registered there if you authorized it by marking the button that suggested that option. If you close and reopen the website and your WhatsApp is still open, it is because it is anchored. To close it just click on the three points above, go to the tools menu and there you will find the option that says logout, you press there and that’s it

What to do to use WhatsApp application on a Linux computer?

On the other hand, if you want the desktop application to stay on your computer instead of being connected from the browser, since the functions are not the same. Then you can look for alternatives for download the app on pc and make use of it as if you were using it on your mobile.

In reality, it is not that easy to install this application on computers that have Linux, since it is not a widely used operating system, nor is it It has simple functions like others. Therefore, we will explain the process that you must carry out so that you can have said app on your computer without so much hassle, see how it is done in what we will tell you next.

enter your linux pc

Running Kesty WhatsApp

In order for you to have the WhatsApp desktop application on your Linux computer, you must look for different alternatives for it since there is no official way with which this can be executed. In such a way that it is a matter of trying and trying with different options until you find the one that you consider best for you.

Among these options you will find Kesty, although it has its technical flaws, for example that of not allowing you to change the background of the chats, it is still a feasible alternative. Many users complain about it, but they consider her good and it is not something that is really that significant.

Its installation consists of first going to the browser of your choice and entering the following URL: ‘’. When you are there you give the option to download and wait. Then, in the command distro you put git clone ‘’. To run it, you search for the installed applications, enter your phone number and that’s it, you wait for the backup to load.

synchronize mobile with pc

Download WhatsDesk from the Snap Store

Another of the most recommended alternatives that we will give you is that you install the application called WhatsDesk from the Snap store, which is another unofficial version but that also offers you the same benefits as if you had it from your mobile. Enter the store and look for it with the name already described, click on install and wait for it to download.

You look for it in the place where the already installed applications are stored and you look for it to enter the command ‘sudo Snap install whatsdeck’ there. There you should open the application and placing your phone number The platform will be restored to how you left it on your mobile and from there you can easily manage it, although you can close this session from your mobile or PC.

Downloading Franz

Now, one more option that we will explain to you is that of Franz, this in itself is a set of platforms associated with a single user that you must register and confirm then with your email to have access to download it to your computer. From any browser you look for the official site and click on the option that says download for other platforms.

When it has downloaded completely, you double click and when you have your user ready, you enter there immediately. When you are inside, look for the WhatsApp logo and press on it, enter the phone number and that’s it. It should be noted that under this modality it will only work as if you were doing in the web version, only with some additional functions, and you are the one who decides which of the three options to use.