How to use ‘VLC’ to watch videos on Chromecast with Linux terminal?

VLC is one of the most widely used tools in the world to watch videos, movies and any other audiovisual material that we can play, it is easy to use and we can install it on iPhone and iPod to have it at hand when we need it most. It is so efficient that there are very few formats not supported by the application and it is compatible with Google so we can send videos and musical content to our Chromecast since it allows us to share with your TV in a matter of seconds, today we want to show what we must do to watch videos on Chromecast using VLC.

How to watch YouTube video on Chromecast using Linux terminal?

If we pay due attention when we browse the web, we will find different programs that we can use to watch videos on Chromecast where, by the way, we can make screen adjustments on television, from the Linux terminal. Of course what to watch youtube videos on chromecastthe first thing we must have installed is the VLC application, which is what we will use to play the videos of our interest, and when we have it installed, we will open a terminal.

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Running a command

There are several ways to open a terminal in Linux, the easiest way is to press and hold for a few seconds the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Tanother method that we can use is browsing the Ubuntu dashboard if it is the distribution that we have, we can also do it using the execute command, which is also with a combination of keys, whatever method we use, as soon as we have the terminal open , it’s time to enter the required command.

The command that we must enter in the terminal to achieve our goal of watching YouTube videos on the Chromecast is ‘cvlc – – sout =”#chromecast{ip = ip_chromecast}”—demux-filter = demux_chromecast’, followed by the content to playwe must remember that the IP is like an address, a number of approximately 7 digits separated by points that locates the material to be played, if we place the command appropriately, the YouTube video will immediately start playing on our television or any device where we have the Chromecast.

How to add more than one item to a playlist?

If what we want is to add more than one element to our playlist and even control the playback of the video, it is necessary to use graphical interfaces in mode terminal or write a command that allows us to create our own playlist, said command must indicate the different songs or if it is a complete album, everything will depend on our interest at the time of playback.

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This command, which by the way is quite extensive, we are going to apply it, assuming for the purposes of this article that the address we are going to use is and that the music is from Manowar, with this data, the command that you must enter goes like this, ‘cvlc.—extraintf ncurses –sout = “#chromecast{ip =}” – demux – firlter = Chromecast/ home/Abel/Music/Manowar – Greates Hits – God FavoriteBand(2015) FLAC/*.flac’.

If we have done it right, we will be able to select the audio track that we want to play from the newly created playlist, we will be able to select it with the cursors and pressing the ‘Enter’ key, in the same way we can add photos, songs, videos, we can do it one by one or using the *.* option. It should be noted that we have used the graphical interface in terminal mode ‘ncurses’, we can also use ‘rc if we consider it more friendly.

What alternatives exist to send videos to Chromecast and how do they differ?

As in most cases, there are always alternatives that we can take to carry out any particular task and, of course, watching YouTube videos on our cell phone and sharing it via Chromecast is no exception, the reality is that there are various applications that can facilitate considerably this task, allowing us to enjoy the best videos and movies by transferring them from the mobile to the TV in such a way that we can appreciate them on the big screen and not miss any detail.

In this article we will only mention two of these options available to everyone and We will briefly explain the difference between one and the other. if they exist, so that we can select the one that in our opinion can help us transmit on our TV what we are playing on the computer or mobile device.

vlc media player mobile app


It is an excellent open source tool that is also written in ‘Python’ and that can be very useful for sending video and audio from Linux to Chromecast, this interesting application sends multimedia content without producing the slightest change in quality of the audio and video we send, which makes it a good option for this purpose. Additionally, it is compatible with multiple and direct transmissions from YouTube, among other advantages that we can obtain in the current Chromecast models.

This powerful tool is well equipped with a control panel that allows us to keep an eye on our inbox and It is also easy to install so anyone with almost no experience it can be done with it, this installation can be done from any Linux distro, we can do it directly from its source code by cloning the official repository of the tool.

Cast Now

Since for the reproduction of multimedia content in our Chromecast usually we must use Google Chrome with its corresponding extensionCastNow is an open source application that was designed to retransmit content from our computer to a Chromecast that is connected to the same network without the use of annoying additional software.

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This application has many strengths, for starters it is compatible with all operating systemss, also with it we can play files from various YouTube links and even Torrent that are in full download to be able to enjoy them on TV, it is a safe and reliable alternative when it comes to broadcasting multimedia content.