How to use the ‘Who do I look like’ filter on your TikTok? – Edit your videos

The Tik Tok application has a wide list of filters, which are making the platform more and more innovative, eye-catching and creative; maybe you have seen some of those filters that have caught your attention, but there is a specific one like “Who do I look like”, which is the newest, has been a trend within the app and you don’t know how to look for it. Here is the solution so that you can finally find and use it.

How does the ‘Who do I look like’ effect work on TikTok?

This filter works for search for your similarities with celebrities and characters of movies, as well as images from the internet that match your facial features, letting you know with which Hollywood famous that platform compares you in a matter of seconds. Those images will have to be chosen by you.

What the filter does is the simulation of an analysis of the photo that you raised for your video and in a few seconds, the system of the Tik Tok application will show you the result of your resemblance according to your picture.

Where can you see the effects available on your TikTok app?

There are two ways to view and find effects available on Tik Tok. The first is through a video that appears in the “For you” tab, where you will have to click on the box at the bottom left, after that a screen will appear in which You will exclusively get videos from that filter already made by the number of users of the app, which you can take and use to make your own videos.

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The second way is to look for them in the effects box, there are several types available and classified by category, among them You can find the one for “Who do I look like”. This effect appears in the Top category, in the first position, you can also recognize it through its icon with a face and after it an image.

How to search for TikTok filters with your name in the mobile app?

  • Go to the Tik Tok application on your mobile.
  • Once inside Tik Tok, you will reach the “For you” tab and click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right.
  • Write the name of the filter to search.
  • Then in the options that appear above, select in “Hashtags”.
  • You will be able to see a list of all the effects with that name in the form of hashtags.
  • Click on the one that suits you best.
  • You will see several videos already made with that filter, touch any of them.
  • Click on the yellow filter symbol that appears on the left side of the video.
  • Later click on “Add to favorites”.
  • This will automatically add it to your app’s filter list.
  • Another way to search for filters is by clicking on the “+” icon on the bottom.
  • Then click on the “Filters” button on the right side.
  • That way you will be able to find filters by their names such as Portrait, Landscape, food and Intense.
  • Now choose the filter that you like the most and use it in your videos.

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What is the way in which the ‘Who do I look like’ filter can be used?

  • Open Tik Tok from your mobile.
  • Click on the “Trends” icon, which appears at the bottom.
  • Click on the box that says “Search”.
  • Type in the name of the filter and tap the search button on your keyboard.
  • A series of videos will be shown to you on your screen, click on any of them.
  • Now click on the name of the filter that will appear at the top of the video description.
  • Then click on the button that has the shape of a red camera “Record” that appears at the bottom.
  • Click on “Effects”.
  • Now the “+” button.
  • Select the famous photo or image that you want me to look like you.
  • Click on the red button to start recording.
  • Wait for the countdown to be counted.
  • The filter will be activated automatically.
  • The photo will be displayed and you can stop recording.
  • In this way you can already upload it to Tik Tok.

Is it possible to use the TikTok camera filters with your PC?

The Tik Tok application can be used perfectly from your PC, but only to view content and upload videos already made that you may have in the files on your computer.

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Currently, the possibility that you can use filters on your computer depends on the download an emulator like BlueSTacks. With this app you can make use of the different filters that Tik Tok offers you, while on your computer.