How to use the Magnifying Glass effect to go viral on TikTok? – Trick to succeed

TikTok features like filters and effects are constantly evolving and updating. On this occasion, this platform has released the Magnifying Glass or Lens Effect, which the users of this social network have liked a lot. So, in this article we will see How to use the Magnifier effect to go viral on TikTok and make interesting videos.

How to apply the TikTok Magnifying Glass effect to your videos?

The effect of magnifying glasses or magnifying eyes is one of the new features or effects that Tiktok has added to its platform. However, despite its recent inclusion, It is one of the most used effects. and most popular out there, quickly outperforming the effect of becoming invisible or transparent.

To get to the magnifying glass effect, you have to enter the TikTok account and from there, when you enter the account you have to go to the section where trends are shown. The button that leads to this section is located at the bottom of the screen, cornered on the left. You can locate it better because it has the image of a large magnifying glass.

magnifying glasses on tiktok

Then you go to a search screen where you must write the name of the effect or filter you want to search for. In this order of ideas, we must write magnifying eye or magnifying glass effect. After this, you have to click on the first clip or video that appears on the screen and when you enter the video, press a circle that appears in the lower right corner.

After clicking on the circular icon, you go to another section where the button that marks use this sound. Doing this activates the camera to record the video that will be uploaded to TikTok to be trending. So you will see that the image you focus on plus two magnifying glasses or large lenses is reflected on the screen.

These glasses or magnifying glasses can be adapted in size and height so that they fit perfectly on your face. However, the funny thing about this effect and therefore, what is most striking is that the magnifying glasses look huge, causing your eyes to also increase in size ratio. When you have adjusted the positioning of the magnifying glasses, you must press the red button in the center to start recording.

What to do to increase the number of your followers on TikTok?

A trick to improve videos and thus make people like them much more is to combine effects. In this sense, then use the filters or manga effect so that your image become a made person from anime but he uses huge magnifying glasses. In this way, you will reach people who like anime and manga and even users of Asian origin.

put magnifying glasses on tiktok

Likewise, you must not forget place hashtags or labels in the description of the videos. Well, these tags position the videos among other popular content with similar themes. The most used tags for the effect of the magnifying glasses are #effectolupas as it is the name of the filter. You can also use #eyesdelupa or in a simpler and simpler way #magnifying glasses.

How to be viral on TikTok with the Magnifying glass effect on your videos?

One of the main reasons people go viral on TikTok is because generate original and fun content. Therefore, you should keep this in mind when creating a video for your account. Since, on this platform, thousands of videos are uploaded per day, making the competition very high.

In this order of ideas, the video you upload must leave a mark, it must be liked by all kinds of audiences and thus make the clip go from person to person. Or rather word of mouth, that people comment on the video and pass it on to their friends. One of the best dynamics that can be done to go viral is the game of who do I look like, which, using magnifying glasses, It will generate a lot of laughs when comparing yourself with the photos that appear.

mobile tiktok magnifying glass effect

In this way, the videos become famous and the views quickly begin to rise. As the views of a video go up, these new users will enter your profile, to see what other videos you have and if there is good content. For this reason it is necessary to have the profile organized in folders. So that people can find the videos more easily.

What are the current TikTok trends to go viral?

Trends on TikTok can be very varied, this depends on originality and charisma that the content generator releases in said video. In addition, the themes can be varied since it has been seen as tutorials, girls dancing, users who make fun of others or people who point out how to do simple things but with a funny face become famous.

In this order of ideas, among the most famous effects are invisibility and the effect of magnifying glasses. Well, they are new effects, which have been added recently and that is why many people are using it. Nevertheless, fads are short and when a new effect appears, users will move to it and it will become trending. Therefore, it is recommended to use these effects to appear in the recommendations of other users.