How to use the guest mode in Chromecast so that your friends connect

With the new Chromecast Guest Mode feature It is not necessary for mobiles or any other devices next to the Chromecast to be kept connected to the same or another WiFi network, since through Ultrasound Authentication and Geolocation, the Chromecast will be able to detect the devices that are nearby and want to make a connection. Perhaps you still have no idea how to configure this new function, here we tell you.

How to configure Chromecast guest mode?

To configure Chromecast Guest Mode without having to provide our Wifi key we must have the App Chromecast vesion + 1.9, we enter it and go to the Device section or function, selecting the Chromecast that we are going to configure to activate Guest Mode, when we have activated it, a new four-number PIN will be displayed.

chromecast device in its box

So simple our family and friends will only have to connect to the Chromecast as easily as if they were connected to the Wi-Fi network of our house. The Geo location will make your devices detect the Chromecast that they have nearby.

Which will make your applications show a ‘Cast’ button once they press it, this will ask for the authorization that will allow them to use the microphone with which they will be able to connect Using Ultrasound Authentication. If for some reason this fails you will need to enter the four number PIN manually.

What are the steps to connect to Chromecast as a guest?

The first thing is that the host configure Guest Mode, you can keep your private key, yet your guests will stream the content they want from their mobile devices, of course locating in the same space as the Chromecast Audio. To do so, all you have to do is follow the procedure described below:

  • Make sure that our device is connected to the network to which the Chromecast Audio device is connected, we enter the Google Home application and press the Chromecast Audio.
  • To the right at the top of the corner we see the configuration function from where several options will be displayed so we must press ‘Sharing’ from there we can activate or deactivate Guest Mode.
  • Other users who have been invited can share content without being connected to the same network as the host, of course they must be connected to another network or they can also do it through the Mobile Data of the device. We can do it in the following way:
  • Entering any application that is compatible with Chromecast and pressing the button that gives us the option to make the transmission. We choose the device that is closest to us and follow all the instructions that are given to us to connect. If the audio synchronization fails, we only have to manually enter the PIN provided by the host.

wifi network connection chromecast

Where to find the Chromecast guest mode PIN?

We have to have a four-number code to be able to connect to the Chromecast Audio device with the Guest Mode Function, since when trying to establish the connection the Chromecast Audio will transfer the code automatically and with an audio that is almost imperceptible, so if the audio synchronization fails we can do it manually so we have to have the four-digit code that the host should provide us.

From ambient mode

From the ambient mode screen of your Chromecast it is much easier to find the Four-digit PIN that is needed to establish the connection. Since in this mode if your device is inactive, you can access the content of your gallery both from the Google Photos App or even from Facebook. Once you have entered the Guest Mode of your device, you must go to the Ambient Mode screen that you will see as an option and there you will discover the 4-digit code that you need to establish the connection in guest mode.

smart tv with chromecast transmission

in settings

To get it in the configuration we must enter the Google Home app and click on it ‘Chromecast Audio device’ towards the upper right we get the Configuration function there we press the ‘Sharing’ option and then the Guest Mode function at the bottom we will see the four-digit code or the PIN that we must pass to the invited users, which they must enter so that can connect.

One fact is that both the guests and the hosts can configure from any device by activating or deactivating the Guest Mode function, as long as the device used is compatible with Google Home.

How to solve the problems when the device is not found?

Yes we want to make a broadcast from our device as a host but on our mobile the button that gives us the option to do it does not appear, or the device to which we want to transmit does not appear when we press the button, we must check that we have allowed Google to search for nearby networks, we can do it by following these instructions:

  • From our mobile device Tablet or phone we enter by opening the application and pressing Settings, then we do Click Google-Device Connections-Options/cast-Guest Mode.
  • And then we must press the optionAccept and allow Google to Analyze the Network and Find the ‘Nearest Devices to Stream’. Let’s keep in mind that when Guest Mode is activated, it will remain like this for only two hours after that time it will be automatically deactivated.

person watching tv with chromecast content

What are the advantages of using Chromecast guest mode?

The benefit of using Chromecast Guest Mode is that it gives you license to our friends or relatives to transmit multimedia information easily from any device without having to connect to our Wi-Fi network, we only have to provide the PIN for Guest Mode. And so we control that anyone we do not want has access to our network without permission.