How to use the Android fingerprint sensor to unlock your Mac? – Security

Use the store ‘App Store’ of your MAC, from the drawer destined for searches, write, download ‘DroidID Client’. Make sure your ‘Android’ device has a fingerprint sensor available, enter its store, and get the ‘App DroidID’, push in the digital button to ‘Install’. Start the ‘App’ in the ‘Android’ and pay attention to the generated key, in the ‘MAC’ open the downloaded app and in the client mode, write the password and unlock with fingerprint. Before that find out what Apple has to offer.

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What are the requirements to use the Android fingerprint sensor on a Mac?

The main determining factor has to do with the hardware of the ‘Android’ equipment, since it must have a biometric sensor, also known as ‘Fingerprint sensor’, some have this service on the screen of the telephone. In the ‘Settings’ section you can view in security, the fingerprint reader or ‘Biometric data’, there configure a fingerprint or the amount you want to add.

A no less essential element is that the ‘Software’ must be 7 or higher. In the same way, the computer equipment or ‘Mac’, must have included a ‘Operating system’ version 10.12 or higher. The phone or mobile device must have the ‘DroidID App’ installed, as well as the computer, whose client version ‘DroidID’ must be installed. If you experience tirades when you turn on the computer, disable the startup ‘Apps’ in Mac Sierra, if you have it

Is it possible to use Touch ID to unlock a MacBook?

The answer is somewhat controversial, it is obvious that yes, you should only have a computer or device with support for biometric unlocking, or what is the same ‘Footprint’. On the other hand, the ‘MacBook’ have an operating system of the apple figure ‘Apple’ loaded, remember that like a ‘Mac’ it must have a version 10.12, if it is a more current version, much better.

Both devices must be compatible, but don’t worry because the ‘Android Robot’ system is compatible with ‘iOS’ systems and add-ons. When starting the linking of the corresponding ‘Apps’, adding the ‘Fingerprint’ configuration, as unlocking permission, you will be able to use the use of access to a ‘MacBook’.

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What is the procedure to unlock a Mac using the Android fingerprint sensor?

Move your hardware destined to slide (mouse), to the ‘App Store’, when you locate the search engine, type ‘DroidID’ client, install that program. Then, take control of your phone or device with ‘Android System’, and in its official store slide until you reach the search box, write there also ‘DroidID’, in the results you must ‘Install’ the current option.

When both installations are complete, open the program on the ‘Mac’, and then perform the same procedure from the ‘Android’ computer or phone. The latter will give you a kind of key or password, which you must enter in the ‘Client’ space, in the program for the ‘Mac’. The link will be effective and with more fingerprints established for unlocking you will be able to enter your computer. If the screen has a strange color, change the contrast in ‘macOS’.

Why might the fingerprint system fail?

The faults are never missing, one of them has to do with the reading of your fingerprints, if your fingers are dirty, the biometric system will have a conflict, therefore, your device will not be able to be unlocked, and much less your ‘Mac’. On the other hand, there may be hardware problems, which makes it impossible for the fingerprint reader to function properly, although it may be unlikely.

It all depends on the type of ‘Android’ device with support for biometric data, as some come with technical flaws, especially if it is a generic device. The scars on the fingertips They can influence, access the settings and security, to change the fingerprints, of course you must try with other fingers, confirm the registration of the new fingerprints and that’s it.

How do you unlock a fingerprint on a Mac?

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The most indicated way is to have the previous linking of the ‘DroidID Apps’ established on both devices, the access key must be added in the client section of the ‘Mac’. When the device and ‘Mac’ enter standby mode, you can put your finger on the fingerprint reader of the phone. By doing this, your ‘Mac’ computer will be unlocked in a matter of seconds.

If this fails, because someone malicious has tried to access without permission, you should only wait at least 30 seconds, after that time, put the fingerprint on your phone. Upon unlocking, you will be able to use the ‘PC’ as normal because you will have the necessary permission to do so. If you want to complement functions, navigate between ‘Mac’ Apps with ‘Alt + Tab’.