How to use Google Maps in ‘Dark Mode’ from my iPhone? – Setting

To use Google Maps in dark mode from your iPhone, just enter the Google Maps application on your device, go to your profile photo and in settings activate dark mode, you can choose the option to always activate it or link the mode of your mobile with that of Maps.

Although it seems that this mode is an absolute advantage, especially if you have vision problems or light colors tire you, it can represent some difficulties for users who choose to use it, especially if they use the app constantly. Do you want to know what those disadvantages are? Stay until the end and discover them.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Google Maps dark mode?

Maps dark mode presents a visually friendly interface in low light conditions And it can prevent eyestrain and even blindness from long-term white light exposure consistently which affects visual health. Due to the dark tones of the screen, a minimal amount of battery is consumed.

Although in principle the ‘dark mode’ it can represent great advantages, it has some problems due to its use, the most serious being that of the relationship of ‘darkness’ with depression.

Prolonged periods without exposure to light, even mobile, can cause depression in users. Also, dark mode represents an obstacle to outdoor readings in bright conditions.

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For drivers

  1. It helps prevent eye strain and helps prevent damage to your eyesight, especially if you usually drive at night.
  2. It reduces the battery consumption of your mobile device or tablet, it represents a great advantage if you have left your charger at home and you need to use Maps but without draining all your battery.


  1. It represents a problem when reviewing a route in bright conditions, since the dark tones together with the sunlight represent an effort of the eyes.
  2. If you are depressed or have a tendency to depression, using your device in dark mode can lead you to be depressed, due to low light exposure.

In general

  1. Prevents eyestrain, especially if you spend hours using your mobile, the dark mode allows users to rest their eyes from white light.
  2. Avoid attention deficit, white colors make us lose attention to what we are doing, which decreases our degree of concentration on the target.


  1. Difficulty seeing details on the map, due to the contrast of colors within the app.
  2. Difficulty using the app with low brightness.

How is Google Maps dark mode enabled?

  1. Make sure your phone has an updated version of the Google Maps App.
  2. Enter the Google Maps application.

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  1. Tap on your profile picture, continue pressing ‘Settings’ and enter the ‘Theme’ section. There you can choose the following options: always light theme, always dark theme or depending on the theme of the device: thus we have the dark theme on mobile, which, in addition, will be dynamic, by bright day and dark at night, depending on the theme of our mobile.

With iOS devices

The first step is to make sure have the latest version of Google Maps on your iPhone or iPadThen, open the Google Maps application on your device, in the main page or ‘explore section’ go to the icon of your profile photo (located in the upper right corner), once you click on your image a menu with various options.

In the drop down menu, press the ‘settings’ option (gear icon) to access the Google Maps settings. Once there, go down to the option of ‘other Maps settings’ and select it, there, click on ‘dark mode’ to access the configuration of this mode.

Once there, you can choose between three options different: activate the dark mode, deactivate the dark mode or ‘same as the device’, with this last option, while your mobile or Tablet is in dark mode, when you enter Maps you will also have that configuration.

From computers

Although ‘dark mode’ is quite a useful tool on all devices, it is not available to be used from computersThat is why there is no way to navigate from your computer in dark mode using the Google Maps settings.

Why doesn’t the dark mode feature of Google Maps appear?

mobile application of maps in dark mode

If you do not have the new ‘dark mode’ available in Google Maps it is likely that due to some failure of integration of this mode in some devices Or, on the contrary, you do not have the latest version of the app which means that together with several functions, you do not have the option of dark mode.

However, these two reasons are not the only ones that can prevent the correct use of Maps’ dark mode, before this, there are some things we can do to force its use, although doing them does not guarantee that we will be successful In using dark mode, the first is to force close the Google Maps application.

This, from the multitasking bar of your device and open it again. Another method that might be helpful is to log out of Google services and log in again with our personal account. The other option to make this tool appear, deleting the Google Maps application, download it again to turn off and on your device.

The latest version is required

If you have problems using the new ‘dark mode’ tool in Google Maps or you simply cannot use it, it is probably because you do not have the Latest version of the application downloaded to your mobile device or Tablet.

To fix it, just update the app from your app store or from an alternative store if your device is Modified to version 11.11.2 of December 14, 2021.

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