How to use basic Notion tools? – Know its functions

If you are a person who has many tasks to do during the day, the Notion tool It is used to help you organize your occupations. That is, if you study and work, you can add a page block to each activity. Performing one of these actions is super easy and our goal with this information is to teach you how to do it.

Steps to log in to Notion on my PC or mobile

When using Notion, you will notice a resemblance to an organized extra memory. That through notifications it will inform you what your next task will be. This is what makes it an excellent platform. If you want to start using this wonderful tool you must have an account linked, if you prefer it can be a business account. So that whatever equipment you use your data stays in sync.

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Adjusting your email to Notion is done in the traditional way as in any other application. Having your email activated will not only help your data stay in sync, but also your records, which are usually are a bit tedious be done effectively.

The website of the tool works better than its other versions, as sometimes the Notion mobile app has problems. This does not happen in all cases, so you also have the option to download the application on any of your devices. You can use this without being connected to the network and when you manage to connect, synchronize the changes made.

How to create a new template within Notion?

The developers of the tool designed it with the needs and preferences of the users in mind. If you want to add an additional template to the program, the first thing you should do is incorporate an unprecedented task within its interface. This new function is called Template Button, and it is added in a very simple way.

  • When entering Notion, on the left side of the screen you will find a section with the + sign click on it. you will address towards the bottom of the tab options until you find Template Button.
  • An action will appear after BUTTON NAME, which you will change the name to one of your preference.
  • then move the theme you want to put as a template to the TEMPLATE section, in this you have the task of originating content.
  • The Template Button tab was adjusted for the purpose of developing activities. However, if you want to remove or put your own information in the Template option it makes it easy for you to do so.
  • You can drag different actions after selecting them and bring them to this section to create what you want. This serves in headers, texts, check boxes, among others
  • If you click on the Close option in this section you will close settings activities and you can use the button to generate what you want.

By adding this function, and following the steps explained before, you will have the possibility to create the templates you want.

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What should I do to change the language of Notion?

It is very likely that when you use the website or the application, it will be displayed in the Korean language. And have no idea to change the language. well we we will teach you how to do it easily. But, first it is very important that you know that the Spanish version is new, for 2021 it only had Korean and English. But developers have been adding more languages ​​over time. The procedure to follow to change the language is as follows.

  • Enter the platform as usual. On the left side you will find a menu of options, you will give Enter in the toothed circle that identifies the configuration.
  • A tab will appear, there you will click on the planet icon. It will show you a box and you are going to press on the down arrow.
  • You will be shown the different languages ​​where Notion is available, you are going to click on the one of your preference.

How to change the font in my Notion blocks?

Unlike other text applications like Microsoft Word, which can be downloaded from a variety of fonts. notion only account with three typesThis is because its developers have focused on more important features of the app. Which could be a bit daunting for you, but at the same time it is not so bad, because you will not waste time choosing the ideal letter.

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The three types of sources that the tool has have a name and a specific characteristic, which will help you use the right one on each occasion. For example.

  • The default, you would use it for any activity.
  • The Serif font is useful for publishing.
  • Mono font, you could use it to take notes and write.

To change the letter you can run the following process.

  • Access the tool, then open the page you want to change the font for.
  • You are going to press on the icon of 3 points that are horizontally. You will see the three types of letters that we mentioned before.
  • You are going to choose the one of your preference and automatically the font will be changed.

What keyboard shortcuts can I use in Notion?

Notion has very easy shortcuts to use from the keyboard of the device, this is to make life easier for the users of the tool. Next, we will give you the most used.

  • If you want to put a bold writing you can write the word inside two asterisks, example, **text**.
  • If you want to use the italic font, place just one asterisk on each side of the script, *word*.
  • If you like to use the highlight you must put the single quotes, `highlight´
  • In case you want to cross out a text, place a tilde on each side of the word, ~like this~.
  • When creating a list you can use any of these *, -, or in combination with the space key

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  • For the numbered one use the number 1
  • Adding a to-do list uses square brackets [] without space.
  • If you want to create an H1 header, use the # plus space symbol. For the H2 two numerals ## in combination with a space. And the H3 ###.
  • For quotes use double quotes “ ” plus the space.