How to use a Xiaomi as a WiFi repeater? – The best tricks

Those of us who have Xiaomi devices know that they have functions that help us use the mobile in multiple waysHowever, there are tricks that we do not know that our mobile has because they are somewhat hidden but, fortunately today we will tell you one of the best tricks that Xiaomi phones have.

For many people who use internet connections at home, to work or study it is important to maintain a good internet connection, and that is part of what Xiaomi offers us, This device offers you the possibility of using our mobile as a WiFi connection repeater, now, don’t you know how to activate this function? We will teach you!

What Xiaomi brand devices can be used as WiFi repeaters?

xiaomi model

Fortunately this function can do it practically any Xiaomi deviceYou can even achieve it with many mobiles that have Android software, so do not worry if your device is not the latest model, you can activate this function with the steps that we are going to teach you. However, if you have any questions about the operation of Xiaomi and its models, you can consult the official website of the brand.

Which versions of MIUI have this function to use your Xiaomi as a WiFi repeater?

Actually this function is not directly linked to MIUI rather it is something inherited from Android, so practically any device that has Android software can do it, the only thing you will have to do activate security options, and learn how to use them on your Xiaomi mobile.

One of the functions that Xiaomi offers you that many times we do not know we can use is the facial recognition, this can be a very modern and useful way of unlockingWe just have to learn how to enable it, from your mobile.

What do you need before turning your Xiaomi into a WiFi repeater?

xiaomi developer options

All you need is to have your device connected to an internet network, or WiFi, and also have the developer options active, which you can do very easily on your Xiaomi mobile.

Verify that developer options are active

First you must enter the configuration of your Xiaomi device, here you can check if the developer options are active, this you will achieve entering ‘Additional settings’ Going down in this section you will find the developer options, under the work mode, enter there and you will see that the ‘developer options’ will have the switch activated.

In case your mobile does not have this option activated then you will have to activate them, you may ask yourself How to activate the developer options on a Xiaomi? To do it you have to do these steps:

  1. Open the mobile Settings.
  2. Access the first option to ‘About the phone’.
  3. Locate ‘MIUI Version’.
  4. You must tap 7 times on this button.
  5. When you are within 2 taps of finishing, the device will alert you.
  6. Once the phone has these functions activated, the mobile will notify you with a floating message ‘You are a developer’.
  7. Then you must go to ‘Developer options’ and activate them.

How to turn a Xiaomi device into an extender of your WiFi signal?

activate wifi signal extender

Once you have this first step of having the developer options activated, you have to proceed as follows:

  • Enter the ‘Settings’ of the telephone.
  • Then in ‘Additional settings’.
  • Choose ‘Developer options’ among the options
  • Locate the option ‘Networks’.
  • Tap on ‘Activate Wi-Fi coverage extension’

When you carry out this action, you will be able to connect to a Wifi network, and our mobile will emit the same internet signal. Therefore, the most remote devices can connect directly to your mobile.

Why does turning your Xiaomi device into a repeater slow down the internet speed?

We know that this amplification lowers the internet speed but this happens due to the operation that amplifying the signal provides us, this function it’s a kind of bridge that works in different directions, this means that it takes the data where the coverage does not reach but at the same time it also obtains this data from the devices, and sends it to the router, all this when trying to do it on a mobile phone can make the internet gets a little slow.

xiaomi network extension device

As you can see this option can be very useful, however, we do not recommend that it be used for a long time because the internet will not function optimally, However, you can choose to configure and use a router as a Wifi repeater, this can be done very easy and the best thing is that you can learn to configure it without using cables.