How to update to the latest version of Zoom in Windows 11 quickly?

If you’ve wondered how can I upgrade to the latest version Zoom on my Windows 11? In this article we will explain it to you briefly, but completely so that you can solve this in the shortest possible time. In addition, we will explain the procedure in several ways, so that you can do the one that best suits you.

Where can you find the version of Zoom you are currently using?

Check the Zoom version that you currently have installed is a process that you can carry out through the user menu. This menu can be found by clicking on your profile photo in the upper right part of the screen. It is important to have our session started so that all the options appear.

update to latest version of zoom

From this menu we will have to look for the help section and then access the part that speaks about the program version. From here we can see not only the version but also the date of the last update.

How to download the latest update of Zoom for Windows 11 from the internet?

To download the latest version of Zoom from Windows 11, the first thing will be to open your trusted browser. This can be anyone and the only thing that matters is that it is up to date. Then you will have to enter the official Zoom page, from where you can find the section to download Zoom for the first time.

That is when we will have to click on the box to download the most recent version of the application. In case the download does not start, you will be provided with a special button, when you do this the program will download and stay in the Download folder. Once here, you can double-click to start the application’s installer. This process is similar to any other installation, so you will have to click next until the process is finished.

How can you update Zoom in Windows 11 from the platform?

The main thing will be to open the program and then log in to your account to have access to all the program options. In case of not having access, you can quickly recover your password. If you look closely, at the top there will be a profile icon which you will have to press to display the options menu.

zoom in its latest version

In this menu you will have to look for the option to check for updates in the application. This will open a small window which check if there is any update recent and if so, the update process will start automatically. It should be noted that it is necessary to be connected to an internet network, otherwise an error will simply jump and you will not be able to update.

How to enable automatic Zoom updates in Windows 11?

For turn on automatic updates in Windows eleven just install the program in the operating system as normal. This is because the option is activated by default and you will not have to do anything to activate it.

However, it is possible to update manually by following the steps explained. So if you have doubts about the effectiveness of the automatic manager, you can always check it yourself.

How can you verify that the Zoom update was installed successfully?

For check if we have correctly installed our version of Zoom we will have two options. On the one hand, we can verify if we have the most recent options installed such as the ‘connect without video’ and on the other by directly checking the version number that we have.

Check the version of Zoom you have

To verify the version number that we have just installed, we will have to open the configuration menu by clicking on our profile and then looking for the help section. Where we can find the option ‘about’ and clicking on it will show us the version of our program.

Check the latest features and if you have them

Usually updates are always intended to implement new features. It is for this reason that having the applications updated is the best way to not miss out on anything and to be up to date. For this reason, if you updated looking to have an improvement or because a new tool was going to be implemented, then verifying that you have this new function is something that you should take into account.