How to update to the latest Google Play Store version step by step

Update the Play Store in its latest version, it is one of the simplest things that can be done on your Android device; although of course, there are times when this process becomes a bit complicated.

Whether your Android system is outdated and the version of Play Store you want to download requires a later version of it, or some other detail of our device that is presented to us.

But what should we always know before performing a procedure on our devices? It is necessary to feed on information in order to know what is being done.

Google Play Store on our Android device

How well we as users know, is that the Android system in most cases it comes with the Play Store installed. This is because for a better experience of this system, you are offered the possibility of obtaining a large number of useful and entertaining programs for us. (An android without its native store is extremely rare, but if you accidentally deleted the play store from your phone, here we show you what you should do)

And that is what in itself, the Google Play Store is a store, where you can safely download applications, games, music, books, etc. without the risk of viruses.

They can be downloaded directly from an Android device or from a mobile Play Store. Apps are free or with cost; with the possibility of commenting and giving scores to the applications you download.

A tip that can help you is to always see the comments before downloading an application, so you can see if the application suits you or not; It’s always good to have a reference.

minimalist play store logo

However, applications have more and more updates with more things than the user, that is to say, they simplify our lives in the field of communication, enjoy videos, etc.

Update Google Play Store to the latest version

We will review some procedures to update Play Store to avoid watching many tutorials and going through unnecessary stress.

First of all, we need to check if we have the latest version of our app, We will do this by entering the application and pressing the upper left button where the three lines are.

Next, we press settings, we verify the final part of the list and we will see the version of our Store app; Well, you will have to click on the button that says, Play Store version and if it is the latest version, you will get a message that says that it’s already updated.

Otherwise, you’ll see a notification telling you there’s a new version of the Google Play Store available to install, tap it and your download will start. This is one way, the easy one.

Now, if the previous method did not work for you, you are lucky enough to do the fun procedure of updating. That is, with an APK.

But what is an APK?

It is (in simple terms), the same or similar to an EXE or executable file of the Windows operating system. It is the only external file that can be executed in the Android system.

The normal thing would be that an APK is not downloaded, it does not mean that it is not possible, only that in the Play Store there are no applications that are available in APK.

original play store logo

The first thing we need to do is locate the Android function unknown sources; how do you know this system by default, brings as a security measure to block APK installations, but in desperate cases desperate measures.

Let’s locate the setting section, look for the privacy or security menu; that’s where we’ll run into the unknown sources box, we’ll make sure to have it activated.

Then, we will go to the browser of our device and we will search to download APK from Google Play Store; from there make sure it is a reliable page.

Once you have this APK, the update should continue normally. Remember that it is essential to look for a APK from a trusted source; This way we can avoid virus risks, since for the Android system they are very annoying, even more so to get rid of them.

Once we have the application downloaded, we will press on the install button, once the application is installed it will tell you; We will only have to press open to be able to start it.

After a few seconds or minutes, it depends on our Internet, at the end of the following way we will already have the latest version of the Google Play Store on our device; now you can enjoy your app.