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Discord is one of the most popular communication apps to be focused on for the change it has brought to team collaboration in games. Almost all players know about this application and use it to communicate with each other. Multiple versions of Discord are available and each updated version offers new and advanced features. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep your Discord app up to date. If you are looking for ways on how to update Discord on Windows PCs or Android phones, then this guide is for you. After a manual update, you can continue to enjoy the latest features and improvements. Next, we will also discuss how to fix Discord not updating issue, so that you can complete a successful Discord update.

How to Update Discord - How to Update Discord

How to Update Discord on Windows 10 PCs or Android Smartphones

Discord checks for updates automatically, when you open it for the first time after you boot your PC. If your Discord PC client is not updating itself, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • poor internet connection
  • Conflicts with antivirus software
  • Corrupted Discord computer client
  • Problems with browser cache data or cookies

Note: Discord does not immediately install the update, when it finds it. It downloads and installs it the next time you open the app.

Method 1: Enable Discord on Startup (Windows 10 PC)

You can configure Discord to start when you start your computer. Although this setting is turned on, by default; It may have been disabled by mistake. Hence, follow the given steps to fix Discord not booting or updating itself during startup issue:

1. Turn on “Task Management” By pressing the keys Ctrl + Shift + Esc together.

2. Switch to the tab “startupIn the window “Task Management”.

3. Find the program named Update with GitHub as its publisher.

4. Right click on it and click “Enable” , As shown.

Note: This method will only work if the program state is disabled at startup.

startup tab in taskbar 2 - How to update Discord

5. Restart your Windows 10 PC and check if Discord is updated or not.

Method 2: Update Discord (Windows 10 PC)

Refreshing Discord is also a great way to get Discord to check for updates. Follow the given steps to do this:

1. Open Discord And enlarge it.

2. Press the keys Ctrl + R At the same time to update Discord PC Client.

3. It will start Discord In search of updates. The following screen appears during the update.

Discord refresh screen 1024x567 1 - How to update Discord

4. If it detects a pending update, it will download and save the update locally.

5. Restart the quarrel. It will start installing the previously downloaded update.

Method 3: Download updates from Play Store (Android)

Discord has established itself as the most reliable app for voice chat, video chat and live game streaming. It is currently ranked #6 in the list of highest-earning apps for communication on the Google Play Store. Here’s how to update Discord on Android devices:

1. Press Google Play Store to open it.

google play store icon in android - How to update Discord

2. Press profile picture your from the upper right corner of the screen.

google account profile picture in play store searc 300x47 1 - How to update Discord

3. Tap on Manage apps and device. After that, switch to the Manage tab.

Manage apps device Play Store 498x1024 1 - How to update Discord

4. Within Available updates Scroll down to find Discord.

5. Check the box next to Discord and hit the refresh icon.

Update Discord app Play Store 498x1024 1 - How to update Discord

Note: Alternately, under the Overview tab, click View Details and then click Update for Discord.

Fix Discord not updating issue on Windows 10 PC

Method 1: Run Discord as Administrator

Discord often lacks proper permissions, and therefore cannot check for updates online. Running Discord as an administrator does the trick. You can also try it as follows:

1. Click on the Start icon and type Discord. Select an option Run as administrator , As shown.

discord in search results in start menu - How to update Discord

2. Click Yes in the User Account Control prompt.

3. Discord will automatically check for updates and install updates, if any.

now double click on discordsetup in my downloads - How to update Discord

Method 2: Reinstall Discord

Incorrect installation of Discord PC Client can also cause Discord not to update. Reinstalling Discord will help solve it.

1. Open Settings by pressing the two keys Windows + I together.

2. Click Applications in window Settings , As shown.

apps in setting window 1024x546 1 - How to update Discord

3. Under the Apps and Features section, search for Discord using the search field in this list.

4. Click Discord and click Uninstall, as shown.

searching discord in apps and features 1024x544 1 - How to update Discord

5. Confirm the uninstall at the confirmation prompt as well.

6. After uninstalling, download the updated version of Discord from its official website. Here, click the Download for Windows button, as shown below.

download page for disc 1024x517 1 - How to update Discord

7. Open the downloaded file and follow the onscreen instructions to install Discord.

8. Once installed, Discord will start checking for updates automatically.

Method 3: Temporarily disable your antivirus software

Sometimes antivirus software mistakenly classifies original apps as malicious and blocks their connection to the Internet. This may also happen to Discord causing Discord not to update. Hence, temporarily disabling your third-party antivirus should also help.

Note: We used McAfee Antivirus as an example. You can perform similar steps for the antivirus software installed on your Windows PC.

1. Click on start and search for your antivirus. Next, click Open to launch McAfee Antivirus.

search results for antivirus in start menu - How to update Discord

2. Select an option Settings.

3. Now, click on scanning in real time to pause it, as shown below.

settings in antivirus window - How to update Discord

4. Restart Discord And see if it checks for updates or not.

Method 4: Temporarily disable Windows Defender Firewall

Alternatively, you can disable the built-in Windows Defender Firewall to fix Discord not updating issue, as shown below:

1. Press Windows key , And type Windows Security and click to open , As shown.

start search results for windows security - How to update Discord

2. Click Protection from viruses and threats.

virus and threat protection in windows security 1024x546 1 - How to update Discord

3. Select the Manage option Settings.

4. Turn off the real-time protection setting, as shown below.

Turn off the Real time protection to disable the Windows Defender - How to update Discord

Cyber ​​attacks are becoming so common day by day that more than 2,200 cyber attacks are committed daily. Keeping your apps up to date helps reduce the risk of malicious attacks on your valuable devices. We hope this article helped you understand how to update Discord on Windows PCs and Android devices. In addition, you should have no difficulty in solving the issue of Discord not updating. Leave your suggestions and questions in the comments section below.

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